Carp Porter: British Expertise in Angling Mobility

Carp Porter, an illustrious name in the angling industry, offers unmatched tackle mobility solutions. Backed by 25 years of specialist experience, Prestige Engineering has carved out a niche as the sole tackle company focusing on carp barrows or carp trolleys. Known for quality, innovation, and consistency, Carp Porter products exemplify British craftsmanship at its best.

Carp Porter: Built in Britain, Trusted Worldwide

Each Carp Porter barrow is crafted in a state-of-the-art facility in Basildon, England. The benefits of local manufacturing extend beyond uncompromising quality control. Quick and easy access to spare parts, like wheels, make maintaining and upgrading your Carp Porter barrow hassle-free compared to overseas alternatives.

The Carp Porter MK2

The Carp Porter MK2 Barrow remains a timeless icon. As one of the brand's original designs, the MK2's enduring popularity proves that great design is timeless. Notably, angling legend Terry Hearn tested and endorsed this best-selling trolley, as featured in a vintage Carp Porter catalogue.

Prestige Carp Porter: Innovating and Elevating

The drive for innovation keeps the Prestige Carp Porter range fresh and dynamic. Variations like the MK2 Fat Boy, with its stronger frame and heavy-duty wheel, or the Big Boy Barrow, flaunting a larger size and a three-wheel Triporter design, cater to diverse angler requirements.

Prestige Carp have further enhanced their barrows' functionality by offering electric conversions, simplifying navigation on challenging terrains. With an electric motor fitted to the front wheel, uphill stretches become a breeze, easing your journey to the perfect swim.

Carp Porter: Adaptable to Your Needs

Carp Porter barrows stand out with their adaptability. The affordability and versatility of the MK2 make it an ideal choice for budget-conscious anglers, offering a solid base for future enhancements. From new wheels, side bars, bags, accessories, handles, waterproof covers to electric motors, Carp Porter provides all necessary upgrades. The robustness of our barrows guarantees a decade-long performance, as fresh as when you first started.

The Carp Porter Advantage

Becoming a Carp Porter owner isn't just about purchasing the finest tackle transportation; it's about joining a community that values excellence. If you're contemplating an electric barrow, trust Carp Porter's 20 years of power porter expertise, underscored by UK-manufactured, hand-assembled, and tested components.

The Carp Porter brand resonates with pride in its British roots. They prioritise quality, testing each product at every stage of manufacturing to uphold our commitment to excellence.

Choose Carp Porter: Trusted by Top Anglers

Why do leading anglers prefer Carp Porter? It's about trust in a product that has evolved and proven its worth over two decades. With great ground clearance and easy manoeuvrability, even through high wet grass or brambles, a Carp Porter offers unparalleled convenience. Many of the original barrows are still in use, a testament to their enduring functionality and design brilliance.

While other companies may attempt to replicate the Carp Porter's success, there's only one barrow brand consistently chosen by top anglers: the Carp Porter.

Begin Your Carp Porter Journey Today

Discover the Carp Porter difference and invest in a product that's British and proud. Offering angling solutions that combine functionality with timeless design, Carp Porter barrows ensure your angling expeditions are as enjoyable as they are successful. Explore our range today and find the perfect Carp Porter barrow tailored to your needs. 

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