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Chub is one of the leading brands in the European Carp Angling scene. Uniquely, they are highly focused on fish care rather than simply landing catches, and believe that fish care is the most important area of the sport. This commitment to fish care means that its range of unhooking and protection mats is one of the largest of any carp tackle specialist. Chub believes that if we as anglers to do not protect our fish then we can not respect them, and in this way fish care is essential to catching fish.

With this in mind, Chub also recognises that fish are an intelligent species, so its tackle needs to be intelligent too. This is why Chub is constantly re-developing its products in order to give you tackle that can not only keep up with the fish but surpass it. Carp fishing is a growing sport, with many new waters opening and old waters turning into fine fisheries. Not only this, but the fish are getting bigger too, so the tackle and techniques anglers use must grow with the sport. Chub is focussed on this growth of skill, and applies it to every area of its tackle design, development, and production.

Founded in 1994 by an engineering company who realised they could market their products to an angling audience, Chub Leisure Ltd originally produced just one product: the Trent Chair. This chair was one of the first to feature a leg locking system, making it truly innovate on the market. The range of chairs and bedchairs that followed was equally successful – all the chairs were named after famous rivers and the bedchairs after famous lakes, which created a memorable theme to the brand that stuck in anglers minds. The bedchairs also featured a unique pull pin metal reclining system. Testament to the lineage of the company, at this time all the chairs and bedchairs were made and manufactured in the UK.

By 2005, when Chub joined the Hardy and Greys team, the company had over 200 products in the range. It had also employed a huge pro-team, which remains with the company to this day. This pro-team works closely with the brand at every stage in order to produce top quality tackle. You can ‘Meet the Academy’ on the Chub YouTube page, and the names include Matt Jackson, Darren Belton, and Academy manager Ed Betteridge. These pro-anglers take the Chub products at each stage of development and put them through a rigorous testing process to ensure each product meets Chubs high standards.

Chub utilised the expertise and technology of Hardy and Greys to further improve and expand its range. This was demonstrated in the release of the Outkast rod range – the first to offer a lifetime guarantee at a sub £100 price point.

This pro-team feature heavily on the Chub YouTube channel, giving demonstrations of new products, advice on old products, and giving an insight into some of their top techniques for carp fishing.

Chub products aim to help anglers push their skills to the limits in order to fish the best they can. Chub understands that anglers are constantly seeking new experiences, wanting to catch more and bigger fish. The thrill of the water is something Chub wants to capitalise on rather than inhibit, and all of Chub’s products aim to expand fishing horizons. The ‘Caught Anything? … Probably’ slogan precisely expresses the confidence that Chub anglers can have whilst fishing.

Pure Fishing Inc acquired the Hardy and greys group of companies in 2013, and with it they acquired Chub. Chub continue to offer innovative tackle that is trusted by the most avid and adventurous carp anglers.

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