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Costa del Mar is the premier designer and manufacturer of high quality polarised sunglasses. Ideal for all angling disciplines, whether you spend your time sea fishing squinting through sparkling waves or you find yourself on the bank battling with the glare from your local carp fishing venues, these sunglasses enable you to see deeper through the water to your tantalising quarry.

Costa del Mar was first established in 1983 by a group of roving American anglers who spent their time travelling the globe looking for the biggest fish in some of the most extreme elements. During their travels, these anglers realised that although their tackle was more than up to the job their sunglasses were not. Unable to find the kind of hardcore products for the hardcore circumstances the anglers were butting up against, the group realised there must be a way of manufacturing heavy-duty sunglasses that provide 100% clarity and 100% UV protection. Costa del Mar was born and the angling world hasn’t looked back since.

Today, more than a quarter of a century later, the brand is the world leader in the manufacture of top end angling sunglasses. All the products are handcrafted in its Florida headquarters and the brand ships around the globe, promising to deliver the crispest vision and an unparalleled fit with each pair of glasses. Beloved by all outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers, to skiers, and of course including anglers across the disciplines, the brand is committed to its ‘perfect vision’ mission. However, this isn’t the only mission the brand prides itself on. Uniquely, it is committed to sustainable fishing and the conservation of the world’s best natural waters. Tired of seeing empty fisheries that should be overflowing with beautiful natural fish and upset with witnessing continued poor fishing practises and unregulated development, the brand has decided to take a stand. Working with key partners around the globe, the brand sponsors some of the biggest and most important conservation schemes – helping to increase awareness of proper fishing practises and encouraging the anglers of today to think of the anglers of tomorrow.

Not only does Costa del Mar look towards the anglers of tomorrow but they also focus their attention a little closer to home. One of the biggest challenges that anglers face today is being able to see their quarry under the water. However, sunlight glinting off the surface rebounding back into your vision is only the start of the problem. Whilst visible light is annoying and might cause a headache if you squint through it for too long, it is the invisible ultra-violet light which is the real problem. UV light is exceptionally damaging and it can be split into two categories: UVA and UVB. UVB light rays do the surface damage that we normally associate with spending too long out in the sun – sunburn. This damage is mostly temporary and, whilst it can be painful for a few days following the initial burn, most mild sunburn damage is lost with the natural shedding of your skin. UVA is the most dangerous form of UV light as the damage it causes is permanent and mostly invisible until it’s too late. Most commonly seen as the signs of aging (including liver spotting on the skin and moles), UVA light damages deep in your dermis and can cause life-threatening cancer. Whilst suncream and keeping covered up can help protect your skin, what can you do to protect your eyes? All of Costa’s sunglasses offer full UV protection, ensuring that you’re able to retain a high standard of vision throughout your angling life.

Costa del Mar produce a huge range of lens and frame options, ensuring you stay both safe and stylish throughout your angling life. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke pair of colour enhancing carp sunglasses to allow you to spot a murky carp in the depths of your local syndicate or you’re after a pair of sea fishing lenses to enable you to spot features through the waves, Costa del Mar has it all.

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