Cygnet Tackle

Ex-Ministry of Defence engineer Mick Nolan founded Cygnet Tackle in 1993. A carp fanatic himself, he combined his love of the sport with his expert engineering ability in order to create sleek, high-tech tackle that was proven to help catch fish. Already a specialist in precision engineering, Nolan transferred his skills to the art of tackle construction. It was a match made in heaven, and has resulted in military precision equipment with a stunning design.

Nolan founded the company with the ethos of creating products that were built to last, and this philosophy hasn’t changed over the past two decades of tackle production. Producing rod support systems predominately for carp anglers, Cygnets' range is also incredibly popular with anglers who fish in the predator and specialist disciplines.

Cygnet is committed to creating products that are highly durable without looking bulky and unsightly. Its sleek look tackle has made Cygnet famous. Cygnet invests serious time in making sure each of its products has a simply stunning design. Cygnet does away with the unsightly bright logos of other brands, preferring to create rod pods, banksticks and storm poles, tripods, and accessories clad in sleek black. However, it’s not just the external appearance of this tackle that sets Cygnet apart from the rest. Cygnet only ever uses high grade, high performance metals, so you can be assured that your product has been built to last. The sleek look and quality materials complement each other perfectly, so you’ll more than just look the part on the bank.

The all-black design not only looks classy on the bank but also makes for covert fishing. Cygnet products are not only discrete in appearance but also in weight. With a formidable performance record, when you buy from Cygnet, you’re making the choice between an ultra-light, high quality tackle and heavy, brash tackle that other company’s provide. The choice is clear – Cygnet every time. Cygnet is confident that when you try a Cygnet product you’ll never go back.

Cygnet products deliver rugged dependability, and despite their luxurious appearance they will work like a pack horse on the bank. The product quality is guaranteed as Cygnet spends literally years testing each product before it becomes available on the market to ensure it can deliver on every promise. Cygnet therefore prides itself on being enigmatic, as there is often a huge buzz about its new releases months in advance of them being available on the market.

For such a high-quality range, Cygnet is incredibly competitively priced, so you don’t have to break the bank to look good on it!

On the re-launched Cygnet website you can find videos which explain exactly how to set up and use each product so you can get the maximum benefit from them on the bank. There’s also a blog where guest anglers tell some of their fantastic stories about great days and nights fishing with Cygnet products. The new website is an exercise in class, and like Cygnet products, it’s predominantly monochrome, with only hints of colour that catch the eye.

Their products are available across Europe, yet despite the international nature of the company, Cygnet has a traditionally British feel.

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