Daiwa Fishing Tackle

The Japanese brand, originally based in Hiroshima but now with offices all over the world, began trading under the name of Daiwa in 1958, although it had been producing reels since 1955. Founder Yoshio Matsui, himself an avid angler, wanted to create the finest quantity fishing equipment on the market – to exacting Japanese standards. This ethos hasn’t changed in the past 60 years, and Daiwa still aims to produce the most technically advanced fishing equipment in the world. This is an aim that is routinely met, and Daiwa is a world leader in coarsecarpsea, and Predator fishing products.

Originally Daiwa was built on exports and quickly became an established name in the international market, with offices created as far flung as Los Angles, Taiwan, and Australia in first twenty years of the company. Worldwide, the brand have expanded into golf, tennis, and cycling, as well as keeping true to their fishing roots, and the global company now trades under Globeride.

Daiwa UK office was set up in 1977 in Whishaw, Scotland, where it remains to this day. Daiwa Sports Ltd have a full range of products specifically designed for carp, coarse, game, lure, sea and specialist fishing – with expert consultants dedicated to each aspect of the fishing experience. Scotland now boasts Daiwa’s largest factory outside the Far East. This means that a large majority of the Daiwa fishing rods and poles sold in the UK have been built and designed in the UK, with UK anglers, and the specific challenges they face, in mind.

Daiwa also has a unique custom service, which many larger brands are unable to offer. This ‘Custom Revolution’, as they term it, allows anglers to design their own rods and reels, using high-quality Daiwa products, to their own exacting specifications. Moving through the design, the prices of each customisation are listed by the product, allowing you to control the budget of the rod or reel. It also shows clearly the visual changes you are making to the rod or reel as you make them, so the design can be completely unique and purpose built.

Daiwa Sports Ltd’s slogan ‘Feel Alive’ perfectly encapsulates the company’s ethos – to create tackle which allows the angler to be at one with the water, no matter what the day brings. This slogan aims to express the joy an angler feels sat at the water’s edge, the anticipation felt waiting for the first bite, and the exhilaration of reeling in a catch. Daiwa is committed to providing cutting edge tackle for competitive anglers around the world, and have a history of turning innovation in features, design, and material into industry standard reflected in tackle companies around the world. The impact of Daiwa’s innovation can be felt each time you pick up a fishing Rod and Reel as Daiwa have set an industry benchmark that others seek to match. Daiwa is also invested in the future generations of fishermen and women, and wants to inspire a new generation through a sustainable interaction with nature.

Millions of anglers worldwide have an arsenal of Daiwa products in their personal tackle portfolio, and Daiwa products will have been key to ‘that catch’ they tell their grandchildren about. 


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