G Loomis Fly Fishing Rods

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Established in 1982, G Loomis has been creating hand-crafted fishing rods for over 30 years. G Loomis is passionate about the rods it produces, and it always aims to craft products without compromise. All too often, the brand sees anglers settling for a rod that’ll do the job rather than investing in a rod that exceeds expectations on the bank. G Loomis believes that this is a travesty and is committed to make sure that no angler feels they have to compromise when buying its premier fly fishing rods.

G Loomis understands that angling is more than simply a way of life – it’s a force of nature, and those who were born to fish demand the very best gear. A good rod should feel like an extension of the angler’s arm over the water, and G Loomis aims to produce only the very best. All G Loomis rods are hand crafted and the brand employs only the most skilled craftsmen to create its trademark rods. This means that G Loomis rods are manufactured by only a select group of people, as its takes an awful lot of skill to gain the G Loomis seal of approval.

It goes without saying that G Loomis rods are a dream to use. They are all weighted so they balance perfectly and they truly are an exercise in performance technology, showcasing outstanding durability. G Loomis understands that for the passionate angler an unreliable rod just doesn’t cut the mustard, so G Loomis guarantees that all the rods it produces are geared to perform perfectly time after time. For G Loomis, rod crafting is an obsession rather than simply a business and a rod doesn’t leave its workshop if it doesn’t believe it is a rod that is worthy of the G Loomis name.

Rod materials play an equally important role in rod construction, and as such G Loomis relies on a select group of suppliers to stock them with only the finest rod crafting materials. This, combined with the cutting edge manufacturing techniques employed at the G Loomis workshop, ensures that G Loomis produces world class rods, time after time.

For the entirety of the brands lifespan G Loomis has operated from is Washington base. This stability, the brand believes, offers it supreme control over the products it outputs. Only the very best products make it to the stockist’s shelves. For anglers who believe fly fishing is part of their identity, a G Loomis rod is the only way forward. G Loomis are committed to making sure than an angler never has to worry about having a disappointing day on the water, because G Loomis demands total perfection.

If you’re an angler who is truly passionate about the sport, G Loomis has created a whole community of anglers on its social media. You can join the G Loomis community by following the G Loomis hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, you can like the G Loomis Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest news from the brand, and you can also subscribe to the G Loomis YouTube.