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Hardy is perhaps the oldest fishing tackle company in the UK. Hardy began life as a gunsmith, based in Alnwick, Northumberland, in 1872. Two short years later, the first adverts appeared advertising the company as a supplier of the premier river and sea fishing tackle, and the business really took off. To this day, Hardy has maintained its heritage of high quality, innovative tackle, and continues to produce the outstanding big game and fly fishing tackle to this day. Its values are the same as its founders, and Hardy is constantly on a quest for improvement. This value means that Hardy has remained at the forefront of tackle development for almost 150 years.

In 1891, William Hardy and JJ Hardy had developed their first true piece of tackle: the Perfect reel. Perfect by name, perfect by nature, a version of the original Hardy reel is still being produced to this date – an incredible 130 years of almost interrupted production. This was to be the first of a range of innovative reels and other tackle items, such as the industry’s first full bail arm. Many of the Hardy reels that are now no longer produced have become collectable items of angling history, and the Zane Grey multiplier (produced1928 – 1957) is one of the most highly sought after angling antiques in the country. The product range grew exponentially over the years and in 1929 the Hardy’s catalogue could be considered an encyclopaedia of angling knowledge – 374 pages of Hardy fly fishing tackle and guidance.

We, here at Angling Direct, stock hardy fishing reels that are perfect for the avid fly angler. With the Hardy Ultralite series that offers a lightweight but strong performance to your fishing. These Hardy fly reels are constructed from minimalist design to reduce weight and offer super smooth drag when playing the fish. We also stock the Hardy Marquis, a great fly fishing reel that has been remodelled, improved and updated to increase porting, range of adjustments yet maintaining the classic style of the Hardy original reels.

The brand is also known for the Hardy fly rods. With the Hardy Sirrus Glass Rod range, the super smooth and deep loading benefits means that classic rod is built with an innovative design, thanks to the advantages of SINTRIX technology. Its unique SINTRIX Resin impregnated S glass construction sets it apart from every other glass fly fishing rod on the market; it is truly in another class altogether. The Demon range offers a Hardy fly rod with a modern feel as anglers benefit from lightweight, easy loading, and fast action.  Thanks to Hardy’s expertise and dedication to enhancing the experience of anglers, you can experience this sublime rod construction with the same classic styling that makes its rods look so good.

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