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Australian Jarvis ‘Jim’ Walker, himself a skilled fisherman, began producing his own tackle in 1946. He had a vision to produce top quality sea fishing tackle at affordable prices so everyone could enjoy the sport, as at this time fishing with proper tackle was very much exclusive. In the next fifteen years the brand grew exponentially, and Jarvis Walker is, to this day, a brand synonymous with Australian fishing. For many Australians, the first tackle they own will have come from the Jarvis Walker portfolio.

As many young anglers begin their fishing life with a Jarvis Walker rod, the company understands it can be a confusing process to buy your first tackle. Jarvis Walker aims to ease this process by supplying a comprehensive range of balanced rod and reel combinations, always at a great value for the young angler. Not only this, but the Jarvis Walker range includes a full arsenal of other products, tools, and accessories, so there is a product for every occasion and every angler.

The comprehensive buyer’s guides featured on the Jarvis Walker website are another way in which Jarvis Walker aims to make angling more accessible. These guides ask the question ‘Which…?’, and covers all manner of lures, hooks, reels, rods, lines, and sinkers. They focus on types of product rather than products from the Jarvis Walker catalogue. In this way, the guides provide impartial advice on which would be the best sort of product for your fishing, rather than being a hard sell for Jarvis Walker branded products. These guides are perfect for anglers of all abilities who want to check they are using the best products for their needs.

Jarvis Walker remains committed to the values with which the company was founded 70 years ago. Staying true to Jim’s promise, it continues to provide the best value fishing tackle possible, with the aim of promoting fishing as a sport for all. Jim Walker always viewed fishing as a heath sport which encouraged family and friends to spend time together and be at one with nature. To this day Jarvis Walker promotes this through the production of gear which is accessible to people from all walks of life.

In the spirit of promoting family fishing, Jarvis Walker has a section on the website dedicated to family fishing and has even produced a small three episode series on its YouTube channel providing tips for taking young children fishing. This series is presented by Jarvis Pro Emma George, who, although she is best known for being the 17 time pole vaulting world record holder, is also an avid angler and enjoys taking her two young boys with her to the water. She believes the best trips have always been with her family, and her best catch (113cm salmon) was on a family trip when one of her children was just eight weeks old.

The Jarvis Walker Facebook page is another goldmine of fishing tips and tricks from Jarvis Walkers team of Pro-anglers. It also showcases some of the amazing catches proud Jarvis Walker users have landed.

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