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Korda is synonymous with the new era of carp fishing. Since their conception in 1993, Korda has been an innovator in carp fishing, setting new industry standards with each product launch. Korda Tackle now being one of the top names in British carp fishing, and it follows its strict ethos that every product it produces must have a practical application on the bank.

Korda is complied of a team of experienced carp fishers, right from the top of the business. Founder and Managing Director Danny Fairbrass (creator of the Spinner Rig) and Operations Director Damian Clarke won the British Carp Championships in 2003. Korda actively encourages its team to be out by the water landing catches in order to produce the highest quality tackle. It really is a team of anglers designing tackle for fellow anglers. Because of this personal investment in fishing across the business, each product is subject to a rigorous string of tests and trial runs. With such a large team of respected carp anglers working on each product you can rest assured that the product you receive is reliable, easy to use, and high quality. A notable creation was the Noodle Rig designed by Scott Lloyd - which tamed the famous Burghfield Common. Not only this, but the product range is prolific and the company produces everything from terminal tackle to t-shirts.

Danny Fairbrass ran the business out of his kitchen after giving one day’s notice at NatWest in order to pursue his dream career in carp fishing. When he turned £1,000 profit at Korda’s first carp show he realised he was on to something special, and within six years his product catalogue had increased exponentially. Shortly after, Damian Clarke and John Hannent joined the company – and gave it the bright green brand design that has now become so iconic in the carp fishing community.

Korda has been at the forefront of digital production and considers itself to be revitalising this previously underused area of the industry. Early in the company’s life Korda began producing the Underwater series of DVDs which were available to buy from any tackle shop that also sold Korda products. Korda’s very own television series, Thinking Tackle premiered on Sky Sports in 2006. This television show has over 10 seasons and is available to watch or buy online, and has revolutionised carp fishing broadcasting. The show has since transformed into a digital magazine, also titled Thinking Tackle, which is available to view on the Korda website. This is largely thanks to the involvement of James Armstong, the first angling journalist to become part of a tackle company specifically to produce articles specifically about tackle. This magazine has set the benchmark for digital publishing in the carp industry and has received critical acclaim.

Korda has always supported young anglers, and in 2005 it opened its Carp Academy, a junior fish-in where aspiring anglers are given a grounding in the latest carp fishing techniques. In 2012 Korda became the primary sponsor of the Carp England Team. The team have since become World Champions, winning gold in 2015. Korda Tackle is continually trying to develop more advanced products, pushing the boundaries of camouflage and hook sharpness. It also continues to be an innovator in the industry and launched Korda Kover, the first carp insurance cover of its kind. The Korda Fishing products that appear to be an angling favourite is the Korda Goo. This is a bait additive that is perfect for soaking bottom baits and pop ups to revive the scent and attract more carp to your swim.

Korda is also great for its range of terminal tackle from Korda rigs to a Korda zig kit. We, here at Angling Direct also stock a Korda tackle safe, ideal to keep a Korda rig safe or a Korda heli safe.

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