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Lynx Fishing is the brains behind an innovative new joining technique that has been taking the fishing world by storm over the last half of a decade. Established in 2009, the Alnwick based company has focussed on the research and development of Precise Compression Technology, which it hopes will revolutionise the manufacture of fishing tackle for many years to come.

During the research and development of this remarkable technology, Lynx has been working with companies around the globe. In fact, its research has taken it to each of the continents, to use the expert facilities and to meet world class research teams, in order to full develop Precise Compression Technology. The company has been prepared to go to where the experts are – a commitment that provides a nice example of the Lynx slogan: Join the Best.

So what has all this research led to? In short, Precision Compression Technology represents a new way joining terminal tackle that makes knots completely redundant. Knots and crimps can weaken the line, sometimes leaving you with only 20% of your original line strength. This obviously poses a massive problem for all kinds of fishing, but in particular has countless ramifications for sea fishing and big predator angling. With Precision Compression Technology no longer do you have to worry about your rig coming to pieces in the water thanks to one faulty knot and the fear of losing a fish due to a piece of terminal tackle coming loose can be a thing of the past. With this innovative and revolutionary technology you can be assured of 100% join strength every time. Unlike knots, it is 100% consistent and the join is made without the use of heat or glue. Lynx Fishing has made it possible to create the perfect rig, everytime.

Founder, Andy Petherick established the company when he became frustrated fishing with weak knots in New Zealand. Upon his return to the UK he sat down and put his decade of fishing tackle manufacturing experience to good use, and set to work designing the Precision Compression Technology system. After two years of hard graft, discovering new sources and production techniques along the way, Andy was finally ready to release the results of his hard work to the general market. He firmly believes that if you want a rig that won’t come to pieces in the water, no matter how many times you use it, his is the only option.

Lynx Fishing rigs are all handmade in its UK factory, assuring you of the quality of the product. Lynx firmly believes that this new joining technique has applications across all the fishing styles and disciplines. However, not content to stop with revolutionising this aspect of fishing, the company is excited to announce a whole host of unique products that it will be releasing to the general market in the coming years. This is all thanks to a little bit of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and it truly is a brand which is prepared to challenge the norm, Lynx has managed to discover numerous new techniques for the tried and tested old-fashioned methods – revolutionising terminal tackle production forever.

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