Matrix Fishing Tackle

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Matrix is a new brand specifically designed for match and feeder anglers of all ages and abilities, from aspiring anglers to pro-fishermen and women. The brand works to a simple ethos: to produce tackle with a practical use on the bank. In short, it wants to produce tackle that will help any angler catch more fish.

Matrix has evolved as an imprint of the huge Fox International portfolio. Founded by Cliff Fox in 1967, Fox International grew from a small Essex workshop to be one of the biggest tackle companies in the world, stocked in over 30 countries from the USA to Japan. In fact, the first ever product produced by Fox was a metal ruler to be used in match fishing, which indicated the size limits of fish species – back in the day when anglers had to fish to a set of size limits. The range was brought about from Fox International’s desire to produce a range entirely dedicated to match and feeder anglers. Fox drew on its already comprehensive team of expert anglers to create a dedicated match and feeder team especially for the brand, and names involved with the brand include Ricky Teale, Scott Day, and Les Thompson. Therefore, although it is a relatively new brand, it comes with all the expertise in designing top quality tackle that Fox has built over its 50 year life span.

Being a new brand, however, means that Matrix can fully focus on the modern angler, their needs, and the challenges they face on the bank. It looks to produce innovative solutions to the new challenges that anglers are facing each day, whilst all the time providing excellent value for money. Built on an ethos of fresh thinking, the brand is constantly delivering new answers to old problems, and offers superior alternatives in a tired market.

Its YouTube channel ‘Fish Matrix’ offers detailed product reviews, how-to’s, and all the latest tips and tricks from its team of top match anglers. In these videos, these top anglers are directly transferring their skill set to you, so you really can learn from the best.

Matrix has a number of standout products in its range, especially great seat boxes, and accessories.

The Superbox offers outstanding value for money – featuring a configuration that supports three drawers, additional deep storage space, and easy grip hand wheels. The seat box can be purchased in separate parts, so you can build it to your exacting specification, or as a whole, the way Matrix designed it to be used.

The Matrix Evolution Feeders have been designed to meet the needs of the modern match angler. With special features such as a removable tail rubber and a quick change line slot, it has never been so easy to quickly change between feeders – essential when you’re on the bank with lots of fish ready to take.

The Matrix Over-the-Top Brolly is a best seller. It has a smaller canopy than the standard brolly but a longer pole. This pole slots perfectly into the its Brolly Bracket, making is the perfect hands-free combination so you can keep fishing without worrying about getting wet.

These three products are a small example of the staggering range the brand has to offer for the modern match and feeder angler.