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Muck Boots is one of the biggest names in outdoor high performance footwear in the UK – and it has been ever since the company was founded back at the turn of the last century. From day one, the brand ethos has been to produce the most comfortable high performance footwear option on the market and the brand has exacting standards for each of the boots that roll from its production line – so you can be confident that these boots will last a lifetime of bankside wear and tear.

All Muck Boots are manufactured to the same high standards, so every single boot in the line is 100% waterproof – without fail. This is thanks to the boots’ insulating neoprene shell and natural rubber overlay. The combination of these two technologies ensures that these boots prevent all water incursion – whether you’re stood in the shallows of your local venue or you’re sat on dry land with the rain pouring down. This material is also exceptionally hard wearing and it is ultra-tough, preventing premature wear and the kind of degradation that you might experience with lesser quality boots. The neoprene is also flexible, to ensure that you don’t get the kind of rubbing on your calf that you might experience with traditional angling boots, and it is rated to sub zero temperatures to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

This is only the beginning when it comes to Muck Boots innovative footwear technology. An internal XpressCool lining can be found on all of the boots in the range. This is an antimicrobial wicking material, which prevents bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms from finding their home inside your boot. On a practical level, this not only prevents the kind of foot infections which you might typically associate with a long and damp weekend carp fishing. It also helps to prevent the build up of bad smells and odours, so you won’t have to store these boots in a separate room once you’re back home! This is also a sweat wicking fabric, so it pulls moisture away from your skin, absorbing and spreading it into the lining of the boot to ensure that it can evaporate quickly – keeping your feet dry from the inside as well as from the elements. Finally, this material also cooling – preventing your feet from overheating in hot and sticky summer conditions. For winter options, Muck Boots also produce fleece and thermal lined options – ensuring that your feet are kept toasty warm even in the very coldest conditions. You can be confident that there is a pair of angling Muck Boots to perfectly suit your needs!

Muck Boots’ insoles are as performance driven as the exterior of the boot. First things first, you’ll find that your boots are fitted with a 6mm EVA layer. This is a unique use of the popular EVA material which can be found across the angling disciplines and it has been moulded into the boot to provide support to you foot where you need it the most. This will ensures that your foot is held comfortably within the boot, no matter how long you’re wearing it for. The brand also employs etc Insole technology. This works in a similar way to XpressCool and it works to maintain your foot temperature – reducing the risk of excess heat build up and ensuring that your foot feels comfortable. This all allows you to focus on your angling, so you can never use the elements or your discomfort as an excuse for your blank session.

If you’re looking for a top quality pair of carp fishing boots, you need a new match fishing footwear option, or you’re looking for the boot to solve all your wet-weather predator fishing needs, then these Muck Boots are ideal for you.