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Established in 1987, Powersolve Electronics Ltd. set out to provide innovative power solutions. Founded by a group of power supply specialists, the company was determined to produce high quality products for a number of custom uses – and was established with an ethos of reliability and durability. Today its product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and consists of AC-DC convertors and invertors, battery chargers, uninterruptable power industrial power supplies, and Lithium batteries, to name but a few.

As anglers, you will be most familiar with Powersolve’s collection of battery chargers. Long gone are the days of sitting on the bank with only the nature around you to entertain, and today you’ll be hard pushed to find an angler on the bank who doesn’t have a smartphone, camera, tablet, or laptop with them on the bankside. All these devices need charging, and it produces a range of products to offer power on the bankside. The universality of the brand’s appeal is such that you can see its products in the tackle bags of carp anglers, fly fishermen, and sea anglers alike.

Powersolve recognised that a number of companies make bold claims about the battery capacity and life of their products; these claims are rarely lived up to in reality. Its mobile power supply solutions aim to counteract these bold claims, allowing your phone, tablet, laptop, or camera to remain fully charged at the bankside. All of its mobile charging solutions have been fully tested for battery capacity, conversion efficiency, and protect circuitry to ensure they more than live up to expectations, and can be relied upon on the bank when other products have failed.

However, this is only one aspect of the business. Powersolve-mobile (the portable charger side of the business) was set up comparatively recently, with the rise of the smart phone, but Powersolve Electronics has been servicing clients with power solutions for many years. It terms these clients as ‘business to business’, and provides power solutions in a number of areas. Clients include highway agencies (providing power to variable motorway signs), medical facilities (powering medical equipment), and the police (providing charging solutions for handheld communication devices).

The company is part of the XP Power PLC Group of Companies, a £100 million cooperation providing power conversion solutions around the globe. This means that it is much more than just a distributor of power supply products – it is a power supply specialist. The company has an intimate knowledge of power conversion technology and aims to continue to create innovative power supply solutions for many years to come. All Powersolve products come with a three year warranty as standard, and the company has a no-quibble policy when it comes to issuing replacement products. From its Berkshire base, it routinely tests any problems its products may encounter to ensure that they live up to the company’s ethos of reliability.

Power really is vital to this modern age of angling. Whether you’re taking a photo of your catch, calling in a friend to help you weigh a monster carp, or simply keeping yourself entertained on the bankside – you couldn’t do any of it without power. Why not invest in a Powersolve mobile power unit, and ensure you’re never stuck for power again!