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Prestige Engineering UK has been a specialist in tackle production for over 30 years, and are one of the few companies that can guarantee its products are produced right here in the UK. This means all of its products are not only top quality but are also targeted at the specifically British problems the modern angler faces. For 25 years it has been leading the market in tackle transportation. It is currently the only company in the UK to specialise in fishing barrows, which means that most of the top anglers use a Prestige Carp Porter. It is also the only company that specialises in metal tubular engineered Fishing beds and chairs.

All the products, as you expect from a British manufacturer, are tested at each stage of the production process to ensure the end product is up to its exacting standards. Prestige also guarantees that there will always be spare parts available for all of its models, so in the unlikely event that a product was to break there are always spare parts on hand to repair it. Prestige is often approached by anglers who have bought barrow brands other than the Carp Porter who require spare parts, as most other barrow manufacturers do not keep a comprehensive back-stock of spare parts

Although the products have evolved over the company’s life span, it is a testament to the quality of the original design that the MK2 is still selling fantastically well and is the benchmark for all other barrow products. The same basic design applies to all Carp Porter models, so you can be assured of its reliability as it is very much a tried and tested product. This uniform basic design also means that many of the accessories and bags are compatible with different Carp Porters, and are interchangeable year on year. This also means it is easy to upgrade your barrow – for example, if you are on a budget at the start of your carp angling career you can easily purchase add-ons to create the barrow of your dreams.

When you place heavy tackle in a Carp Porter barrow you will be surprised about how light it is and how easy to manoeuvre it can be. The barrow’s excellent ground clearance ensures that it is easy to push even through long, wet grass and brambles. Each Carp Porter comes with a comprehensive guarantee, which means it will last on the bank as long as you do!

Prestige has been innovative when it comes to tackle transportation. It was the first company in the industry to invent triporters, puncture-proof wheels, and the first to have adjusting side and front bars. It is currently still the only company to manufacture a power porter.

The popularity of the Carp Porter means that most sales are made through recommendations, angler to angler. This in turn means that advertising and consultant overheads are very low for Prestige, which is a saving it directly passes on to you, the angler. This means you’re getting a bargain when you buy a prestige product, without losing out on quality.

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