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Rovex tackle is a specialist imprint brand, designed and developed by Australian brand Jarvis Walker. This range is has been designed with the European angler in mind, so it is honed to the needs of the European angling scene. The brand aims to exceed the needs of the serious, discerning angler who only expects the best high performance tackle.

Its slogan ‘Time to Get Serious’ indicates the type of angler the brand tends to attract. Rovex is interested in providing quality tackle at affordable prices for serious anglers who are fishing in serious conditions. It is looking to supply those anglers who demand the best from their tackle, but don’t want to pay above the board for a brand name emblazoned on their product. In this way, it favours quality over a notion of exclusivity of product, and seeks to please those anglers who are most serious about the sport.

The range includes a complete set of rods and reels for most fishing types, including carp fishing, match fishing, and fly fishing. This range is supported by a comprehensive collection of braids, spools, lines, and monofilaments which complement each of the Rovex reel types. In this way, the discerning angler is able to create custom combinations to suit his or hers fishing style and type. It also supplies a vast range of nets, each with a particular species in mind to provide optimum fish care.

The entire Rovex range is produced with the Jarvis Walker ethos in mind: giving the customer maximum value for money for high quality tackle. The range proves that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for top end workmanship. The expertise of Jarvis Walker’s 70 years has been applied to this new brand, and all the purchasing power of the brand has been funnelled into the Rovex range. It now outperforms many brands who charge double the price for similar tackle.

Much of the range, including the highly valued Rovex reel range, has been developed from the bestselling Australian reel range. The Australian Rovex reel range, including monofilaments and braids, is a best seller in the Australian market, and is the preferred brand of anglers who seek to land big fighting fish from hostile coastlines and estuaries. Because of this, the European range has gained itself an outstanding reputation for incredible durability even in the harshest angling environment, and smooth performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

In the UK, the Rovex range is supplied by Masterline Walker, itself a brand which has merged to form a fishing empire with Jarvis Walker. In this way, the brand benefits from all the features on the Masterline Walker website, including its FishMail newsletter monthly subscription service. It also benefits from the comprehensive selection of ‘Buyers Guides’, which aims to guide anglers of all ages and abilities towards the perfect piece of kit for them and their needs.

Best selling products from the range include the Nitrium II rod, which is one of the top selling carp rods in the country. Offering incredible value for money, this rod performs like a rod twice its price, and in doing so fully encapsulates the Rovex ethos of performance value.

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