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Billed as the Mercedes Benz of carp fishing tackle, Solar Tackle has earned its reputation for unbeatable quality, performance, and service. Founded in 1987, the company is one of the backbone brands of the carp fishing industry. It is one of the longest-standing specialist carp brands in the market today, with a proud history in the ‘beginnings’ of modern carp fishing.

Set up 29 years ago by former world carp record holder Martin Locke, Solar Tackle originally offered a small range of specialised stainless steel products, which were among some of the first ever commercially available. It has grown phenomenally since then, and now offers a huge range of flagship stainless steel bankware, industry-leading indicator systems, landing nets, and a comprehensive range of terminal tackle. All of this sits alongside a huge range of well-respected carp baits including boilies, liquids, additives, pop-ups, base mixes, groundbaits and much more.

Over the years Solar Tackle has been responsible for developing, launching and manufacturing some of carp-fishing’s most ‘cult’ products. These include the Globetrotter pod, the World’s first Croc Pod, the Club Mix bait range, Bow-Loc landing nets, the Worldwide Pod, and Titanium indicators - to name just a few.

Operating from its headquarters in Kent, England, it is one of the few carp companies to still manufacture in the UK. This means you can be assured of the quality and standard that comes with British manufacturing. It also means that it produces tackle that directly impact British anglers and is attuned to the complications that British anglers face on the bank.

In a statement, Founder Martin Locke says of the company: “I’m proud to say that the same attention to details, skill and care goes into the production of every item today as it did when I started out in my mum’s garage all those years ago, hand-building each item myself for, what was then, a much smaller carp market.

“Designed and manufactured by passionate carp anglers for passionate carp anglers, Solar Tackle always strives for perfection. Put simply, unless we’re happy to use it for our own fishing, you won’t find it in our range. This, along with our heritage for invention and ingenuity has seen Solar Tackle firmly establish itself at the top of its field.”

Martin runs the company to this day, with his passion still focused on product development and carp fishing. Alongside Martin, Solar Tackle has a team comprised of some of Europe’s best and most well respected big-carp anglers. With new designs, ideas and products being put through their paces by such a wealth of experience, on all manner of venues in all conditions, no stone is left unturned in the finessing of every product released onto the market.

Its slogan ‘For the Sharper Carper’ really hones in on what Solar Tackle is all about. Committed to producing tackle for the discerning angler, the company has been the flagship producer of carp gear for thirty years, and continues to look to the future to create ever more refined tackle.

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