Tackling Minds

Tackling Minds: Fishing isn't a sport, it's a way of life!

Discover Tackling Minds, the UK-based community interest company that blends angling with the drive to improve mental well-being. This pioneering initiative, founded by Angling enthusiast David Lyons, offers you the chance to embrace your passion for fishing whilst contributing to an important cause.

Your Style, Your Statement

With our exclusive range of angling-inspired clothing featuring T-shirts, caps, and hoodies, you can flaunt your love for angling and support a significant mission. Every item is designed with the angler at heart, ensuring you feel part of a broader community committed to promoting the healing power of fishing.

Quality Meets Passion

Each piece of Tackling Minds clothing strikes a balance between style, comfort, and durability. Their fishing clothing is ideal for the changing British weather. But these items are not just clothing; they are symbols of the therapeutic power of angling and the community spirit this sport fosters.

Every Purchase Makes a Difference

Here's the exciting part - every item you purchase from the Tackling Minds range on Angling Direct's website contributes directly to the community interest company. All proceeds from the sales are fed straight back into Tackling Minds, allowing us to continue working closely with mental health organisations, schools, and social prescribing link workers, fostering positive mental well-being through angling.

Join the Tackling Minds Movement

Choosing Tackling Minds is much more than opting for high-quality angling-themed clothing; it is an active step towards joining a community committed to spreading the therapeutic benefits of fishing. Each purchase plays a role in the broader picture - encouraging more individuals to find solace, strength, and companionship in angling, just as the founder David did.

Explore our range, show off your passion, and make a positive impact.

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