Urban Bait

If you’re a carp angler who wants your bait to make a real impact on the bank then you need look no further. Urban Bait is a forerunner of the underground and inner-city carp fishing scene, which has experienced a renaissance in recent years, and the brand was producing bespoke baiting solutions before bespoke angling was cool. Although the brand was only officially established a handful of years ago and is, by most, seen as a baby on the baiting scene, in reality Urban Bait began trading some 25 years ago. The brand was born in the back of a bivvy, when Terry Dempsey and friends began to experiment with ingredients and flavourings. Word spreads quickly on the bank when a product range as innovative as this is about and soon the anglers were selling their ingredient mixes out the back of their bivvy whilst they still had their rods out in the front.

The brand was a huge hit from day one and anglers from across the country to find whichever lake Terry and his friends had made their pitch of the day in order to invest in some truly revolutionary bait. Terry would mix the bait there and then on the bank, weighing out in a set of Avon scales in order to figure out a price for his expectant customer. Urban Bait knew that the market was there for it – all there was left to do was to make the leap from the back of the bivvy into the wider carp fishing market. With a domain name registered and a Facebook account set up, the growing Urban Bait team had everything they needed to make it big in the modern baiting world.

Urban Bait stocks a complete range of carp fishing baits for the avid angler to choose from. This includes a huge variety of liquids and additives, including glugs, flavourings, hookbait dips and much more besides. The range of pop ups and wafters come in complete range of colours – whether you’re an angler who favours fluoros to make your pop ups really ‘pop’ with colour or you’re someone who prefers the washed out and neutral look, the brand has an ample selection for you to choose from. This isn’t even to mention the boilies available in the range. Available between 12mm and 18mm, these boilies are in both shelf life and freezer versions. This is to ensure that all anglers, whether they are down on the bank every weekend and want ultra-fresh freezer bait or they want a stock of shelf life bait in the car that’s good to go whenever they have a spare few hours, are able to fish with the amazing flavours in the Urban Bait range.

One of these stand-out flavours is the Nutcracker. This was one of the first flavour mixes that Terry and the team created, all those years ago, when they were struggling to land fish in sun-zero conditions. This a sweet and milky bait, packed full of nut proteins for nutritional attraction, which really comes into its own in the colder months. This isn’t to say that this bait flavour doesn’t perform well in the summer months, though, and it really is a year-round bait that shines the more you use it. The Urban Bait flavour range continues to grow year in and year out, with its team of dedicated anglers who are committed to their craft.

Pellets, stick mixes, groundbait bases, pates, and powders – no matter which method you’re using to entice your carp you can rely on an Urban Bait bait to perfectly complement your terminal tackle setup.

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