Vass Fishing Clothing

What is Vass?

The Vass company manufactures and supplies advanced waterproof clothing and waders that is ideal for professional and extreme anglers. 'Vass' has been a market leader in performance garments and technical textiles for two generations with its constant development and vigorous testing to ensure that Vass clothing continues to offer performance fishing clothing on the next level.

Based in Milton Keynes, the textiles are produced on-site in a purpose-built workshop. This ensures that all its products are made to the high standard of British manufacture that customers have come to expect from Vass branded goods.

Vass has a wide range of fishing clothing & waders for you to choose from, whether it is 'extremely heavy duty' or 'lightweight waterproof/breathable'! You can count on Vass for waterproof clothing!

Which are the best fishing waders?

Several top anglers and national and international fishing teams choose Vass Waders and Waterproofs for their fisher excursions.

The waterproof range from Vass is growing year after year, and in the last decade, the company has greatly expanded its range of waders. This range now includes steel top-capped waders to offer greater protection in uncertain waters. The collection of Vass waders and fishing waterproofs is pretty extensive, however, you can narrow down exactly what to look for in the right pair of Vass fishing waders for you in our Waders Buyers Guide.

Vass Fishing Boots

Vass has a wide range of boots, waders, and other clothing items in its catalogue, it is the brand that will keep you dry by the bank.

The incredible durability and effectiveness of Vass boots mean that this is a brand that is popular across the fishing disciplines – in particular, the brand is popular in the carp fishing community, as well as amongst fly anglers up and down the country.

Vass boots also include features like studded soles to provide complete grip on even the slipperiest surfaces. The range of products now goes from the heaviest-duty reinforced waders on the market to entry-level waders that don’t compromise on quality.

The Vass Studded Winter Boot demonstrates some of the ways the brand thinks ahead of the game when it comes to boot production and practicality. Not only does this boot feature a studded sole for added grip, but also a ladder grip for extra reinforcement over rock ridges and debris. It has a wider calf and foot fitting than a summer boot to accommodate chunkier socks and still allow the foot to fit comfortably. It also features a deep heel kick, which gives extra grip on the heel making it incredibly easy to remove when wet.

Vass Fishing Jackets

The waterproof jackets from Vass are from lightweight, breathable fabrics which are perfect for a drizzling English summer day, to heavy-duty garments that can withstand high-pressure water and consistently wet environments. The garments come in a variety of sizes to suit every wearer.

The range of Waterproof and Breathable Vass fishing coats demonstrates Vass’s capability of versatile fishing clothing. Their smocks, jackets and waders can be layered with other clothes to provide full winter protection, or on their own over a t-shirt in warm, wet, weather.

The Vass Waders and Rainwear Facebook page features testimonials from anglers who love their Vass gear. It includes stories of nights spent sea fishing, staying warm and dry thanks to its heavy-duty gear, and days by the bank when waders have been integral to keeping a catch. It also shows images of many anglers standing chest-deep in water, looking comfortable and dry thanks to their Vass waders.

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