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Ringers Baits LTD produce groundbait, Method Mix, Match Boilies and Pellets for the match angler. Ringers as a brand are associated with the success of match fishing extraordinaire, Steve Ringer. The man is a powerhouse of match fishing and so the Ringers, the brand, is a family company and is headed up by Philip Ringer, Steve’s brother, who along with their father Geoff, also experienced glittering match fishing careers.

The family run company is a big name to the angling community as Steve Ringer he is arguably the best commercial match angler in the UK. If Steve can offer advice to what makes a successful bait, the Ringers bait products are surely going to guarantee you success on match day. Anglers want a bait made with the expertise gains from Steve Ringer fishing so many matches. The company’s extensive knowledge in match fishing has made the Ringers company a household name in the world of match fishing. Ringers started out with a range of pellets and now has extended to many popular items like groundbaits, baiting tools, expanders, bait pumps, hook baits and a large array of accessories.

The range of Ringers pellets is extensive and exclusively developed with commercial carp and F1s in mind. Since its inception, Ringers fishing baits have expanded its range to include groundbaits, liquid attractants and paste mixes, again with commercial carp in mind, everything in the Ringers bait catalogue is geared towards bagging up and recording net busting match weights.

There are a few different types of boilies that have been popular within the Ringers baits collection. The Ringers Wafter Allsorts come in fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and white wafters all assorted in the same 70g pot. Ringers Wafters offer great value for money and many of the wafters and pop ups are flavoured in a chocolate attractant, ranging from sizes 6mm and 10mm. The wafters are designed to produce a semi-buoyant presentation that makes the bait move naturally when fish are feeding in the area.

The Ringers Chocolate Orange 10mm Bandem or Boilies are also bright orange but have a gorgeous chocolate orange aroma and is designed to sit hard on the lake bed. The perfect presentation can be achieved when used with the correct size hook. Phil Ringer recommends the Guru QM1 size 12 hook, but other manufacturers patterns may also work perfectly.

In addition, we, here at Angling Direct stock a selection of Ringer’s pellet expanders, liquid baits and pastes.

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