Fishing Bivvies, Fishing Shelters & Umbrellas

The choice of fishing shelters ranges from a classic brolly system to the latest designs in bivvy shelters for long sessions. Bivvies and shelters provide anglers with camouflage shelters that are easy to set up and can be taken down in a short time.

What To Look For in A Bivvy for Fishing

There are a few features angling shelters and bivvies have in common that anglers should take into consideration. Shelters are best for short stays, and bivvies are better for longer stays. Consider features such as the material of the bivvy, the waterproof and breathability ratings, the ventilation, the structure or frame of the bivvy, the size, and the flatback style!

Our Bivvies Buying Guide provides more information about each of these features.

As far as prices go, for a top-end bivvy, you can expect to part with in excess of £500. This will get you a relatively large and high-quality bit of kit that can see you through a lifetime on the bank with ease. At the other end of the spectrum, anything between £60 and £100 will get you a compact bivvy perfect for year-round use in short weekend sessions. Great bivvy and shelter brands to look out for are Trakker, Aqua, Nash, Fox, Daiwa, and our own brand Advanta!


Bivvy for fishing

A fishing bivvy is an essential piece of gear for dedicated anglers, providing a protective sanctuary during extended fishing trips. Serving as more than just a tent, a bivvy for fishing is meticulously designed to shield against unpredictable weather, from biting cold to torrential rain.

Whether you opt for a compact single bivvy or a spacious 2 man bivvy, there's a design tailored for every situation. The 2 man fishing bivvy, in particular, is a popular choice for those who prefer company, allowing ample space for two, ensuring comfort without compromising functionality.

Bivvy tents come with specialised features like reinforced pegging points and waterproof coatings, ensuring durability. With the array of fishing bivvies available today, selecting the right one can elevate an angler's experience from good to exceptional.

Spotlight on Brands:

Trusted names like Fox bivvy, Sonik bivvy, and Trakker bivvy have made their mark in the angling community for a reason. 

The Benefit of Overwraps:

Overwraps significantly enhance a bivvy's functionality by providing an additional layer of insulation, which helps retain warmth during colder months and offers better ventilation in warmer conditions.

They also double up on waterproofing, ensuring an even more robust barrier against heavy downpours, and reduce condensation inside the bivvy, ensuring a drier and more comfortable angling experience.

The Versatility of Fishing Umbrellas

The versatility of fishing umbrellas truly shines in their adaptability to diverse weather conditions. These purpose-built accessories, while primarily used to shield anglers from sudden downpours, also provide a much-needed shade from the sun's glaring rays.

Beyond mere protection, their adjustable angles and robust design make them reliable in gusty winds, ensuring they remain steadfast. Compact when folded, yet expansive when opened, fishing umbrellas cater to both spontaneous short trips and planned extended sessions, marking them as an essential item in any angler's arsenal.

The Role of Fishing Shelters

Fishing shelters are a boon for anglers who find themselves battling the elements. Offering a blend of portability and protection, these shelters are tailored to provide quick respite from sudden rain showers, harsh winds, or even the relentless sun.

Their lightweight design ensures they can be easily transported, making them an ideal choice for those on the move or embarking on shorter sessions. While they might not have the all-encompassing features of a full-fledged bivvy, fishing shelters excel in offering rapid setup and teardown, ensuring minimal disruption to the angling experience.

Pop-Up Fishing Shelters:

A pop-up fishing shelter is the epitome of convenience and efficiency for anglers on the move. Designed for quick assembly, these shelters spring into form within moments, offering immediate protection against unexpected weather shifts. Especially useful for short fishing sessions or when time is of the essence, a pop-up fishing shelter ensures that anglers spend more time focusing on the catch rather than wrestling with setup.

Beyond just ease of use, their compact nature when folded makes transport and storage a breeze. Crafted with durable materials, they strike a perfect balance between portability and robustness, making them a favourite among many modern anglers.

Beach Angling Essentials:

Beach fishing bivvies are uniquely crafted to cater to the challenges of coastal angling. A beach fishing shelter is not only designed to protect against the unpredictable seaside weather but also the spray of the saltwater, which can be corrosive to standard gear.

These beach shelters for fishing take into consideration the shifting sands and often come with reinforced pegging systems for stability. Additionally, the positioning and design ensure that even when the tide comes in or the winds pick up, the sea fishing shelter remains steadfast, granting anglers peace of mind while they focus on their catch amidst the soothing sounds of the waves.

Final Thoughts

Weather challenges are part and parcel of the angling journey. But with the right equipment, these challenges can be turned into memorable experiences. As you explore the offerings at Angling Direct, consider what will best enhance your time by the water. 

For a deeper dive into selecting the right bivvy or fishing shelter for your needs, delve into our article: "An Angler's Buying Guide to Bivvies and Shelters."

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