Waterproof Fishing Clothing, Jackets, Joggers, Salopettes & more

Comfort, protection, and performance – are the three core needs for any item of clothing for fishing. Unlike any old t-shirt or pair of jogging bottoms, much of the clothing made and designed for angling has features that benefit the sport such as waterproofing, fishing tool pockets, or cuffed ankles and wrists.

What Clothing Do I Need For Fishing?

In our complete collection of fishing clothing, you will see products for fair-weather anglers who only require light protection from the threat of a drizzling day – a range including sun hats, light rain smocks, t-shirts, and pull-on waterproof trousers to fit over your shorts. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a full range of clothing gear for the most hard-core of anglers and for those who are out in all weather and seasons. Check out the collection of 100% waterproof clothing, from the best waterproof fishing jacket to waterproof fishing trousers, as well as all our thermal clothing sets.

The great thing about fishing clothing is that you can align yourself with your favorite brands both on the bank and at home. Brands such as; Korda, Fortis, Trakker,  Preston, Fox, Nash and RidgeMonkey. Pop out to the shops in your brand-new carp jacket and you’ll likely get a nod of approval from fellow anglers, it can be a great conversation starter.

You can check out reviews for many of the fishing clothing items we stock on the AD blog or give customer services a call to help you narrow down the right piece for you!

Fishing Clothing: Your Essential Gear for Every Angling Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the right fishing clothing can make all the difference. Our extensive collection offers a variety of high-quality, performance-driven fishing apparel designed with anglers in mind. Each piece is tailored with features that cater to your angling needs - from waterproofing to special fishing tool pockets, and cuffed ankles and wrists.

Fishing Caps and Fishing Hats

Beat the heat with our collection of fishing caps and hats. These are essential to protect you from harmful UV rays and keep your focus sharp. Crafted with breathable materials, our caps and hats ensure comfort even during the longest fishing sessions.

Fishing T-Shirts and Fishing Hoodies

Our range of fishing t-shirts and hoodies offer casual comfort without compromising on functionality. Made with moisture-wicking fabrics, these items keep you dry and comfortable in fair or drizzly weather. Flaunt your favourite fishing brands both on and off the bank.

Fishing Waterproof Jackets and Fishing Joggers

Experience maximum comfort with our fishing jackets and joggers, perfect for those chillier fishing trips. Our jackets are waterproof and wind-resistant, providing excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. The joggers, with cuffed ankles and fishing tool pockets, ensure practicality alongside comfort.

Waterproof Fishing Salopettes: Essential Winter Gear

Explore our range of waterproof fishing salopettes, expertly designed for ultimate warmth and protection during your winter fishing adventures. Offering exceptional durability and comfort, these salopettes are crafted to enhance functionality, allowing anglers to perform at their best in cold and wet conditions. 

Fishing Trousers and Fishing Gloves

Prepare for the unpredictable British weather with our fishing trousers and gloves. Our waterproof fishing trousers, paired with thermal gloves, provide comprehensive protection, keeping you dry and warm during those cold, wet angling sessions.

Fishing Shorts and Fishing Bib 'n' Braces

For the warmer days, our fishing shorts offer breathability and ease. For all-weather anglers, the bib 'n' braces are a great choice - waterproof, durable, and equipped with plenty of pockets for your angling essentials.

Fishing Neck Warmers and Fishing Socks

No detail is too small when it comes to your comfort. Our fishing neck warmers and socks are designed to keep you warm, comfortable and protected, whether you're fishing in frosty dawn light or the cool evening breeze.

From sun hats to thermal clothing sets, we offer a comprehensive collection of fishing clothing to cater to every angler's needs. You can align yourself with your favourite brands, such as Korda, Fortis, Trakker, Preston, Fox, Nash and RidgeMonkey, both on the bank and at home.

Discover the difference the right fishing clothing can make on your next angling adventure. Don't wait, gear up today and make every cast count!

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