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Fox Edges Submerge Camo Leader

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Key Features

  • Lead-free Leader Material That Features a Unique Fleck Camo Pattern to Perfectly Blend into all Lakebeds
  • Incredibly Subtle and Sinks Like a Brick Hugging the Contours of the Lakebed
  • Easy to Splice (use the Yellow Edges Needle for the 40lb and 50lb and the Blue Edges Needle for the 30lb - Alternatively the Edges Easy Splice Needle is Perfect for all Breaking Strains)
  • Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb
  • 10m per spool
Grouped product items
Model Item name Price & stock Qty
CAC703 Length: 10m, Weight: 30lb
Out of stock
CAC707 Length: 10m, Weight: 40lb
4 in stock
CAC708 Length: 10m, Weight: 50lb
2 in stock

A fast-sinking, lead free shock leader with a unique camo fleck pattern that camouflages it perfectly against the lake bed, ensuring passing fish aren't spooked by your rig. Fox Edges Submerge is easy to splice, with the Fox Edges Easy Splice Needle proving simple and effective on all breaking strains.

Available in 10m spools, and in a choice of 30lb, 40lb, or 50lb breaking strains, this leader is the perfect choice for commercial fishing, designed to hug the contours of the lake, and giving you the ability to easily tailor your set up to the size of predators you're looking to catch.


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