Fox Micron MR+ 3 Rod Set Blue LED

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Key Features

  • 5mm blue LED
  • Based on original M+ alarm
  • Built-in I-Com Transmitter Technology
  • Indexed volume adjustment knob
  • Tru-Run roller wheel for super slick bite detection
  • Power out socket (for use with Illuminated Swingers)
  • Piezo speaker for clear sound
  • Rubber ear inlays
  • Micro Transmitter
  • D-Tec Sensing System (DTSS)
  • Eliminates the need for the reed switches
  • Heads powered by 2x AAA batteries
  • Receiver benefits from self-standing design
  • 4x 5mm blue LEDs and adjustable volume
  • Receiver powered by 3x AA batteries
  • Low battery drain
  • Hardcases included

The Fox Micron MR+ was created as a result of the desire from anglers to add I-Com Transmitter Technology to the incredibly popular Fox M+ and MX+ series bite alarms. The MR+ encompasses all the successful elements of Fox’s entry level bite alarms with some of the more sort after components of the brands top level N-series.

The bite indication system is available as a 2 rod, 3 rod, 4 rod and single alarm set, complete with transmitter. The set is stored in a Fox orange waterproof carrycase and features foam inserts to maximise protection during transport, the alarms are further protected by their own individual hard case which clips onto the front of the alarm. Inside the carrycase is a screwdriver especially designed to enable you to change the alarms AA and AAA batteries and assists with syncing the alarms to the transmitter. The Fox MR+ range is available in several different LED colours, however, this particular set features a smart blue LED.

As is expected of Fox, the alarms perform magnificently, producing a loud and clear audible and visual indication when a bite is received. This is thanks in part to the Piezo speaker and its adjustable, indexed volume knob, which is easily adjusted, Fox’s D-Tec sensing system paired with its Tru-Run roller wheel results in an incredibly sensitive alarm system capable of registering the smallest of bites. the whole alarm and transmitter system is very simple in design and use and justifies the popularity of the MR+.

The main attraction of the MR+ is the inclusion of a transmitter, previously withheld for the Fox N-series, it has a range of 200m, although this is not so much to encourage you to leave your peg but instead ensure that the signal is strong enough to penetrate any foliage. The transmitter is ergonomically designed with standalone technology so you can place it next to your bedchair with ease, the transmitter features four LED lights of its own, each one indicating which individual alarm has registered a bite.

The Fox MR+ is an allrounder, whether you are a novice looking to purchase your first set of bite alarms or an experienced angler who is looking for a good deal on a high-quality alarm, the Fox MR+ will get the job done. With the inclusion of a transmitter you can afford to set up slightly further from the bank, ideal for narrower swims, whilst on a social or if you’ve popped round to see your mate a couple of pegs up. 

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