Fox RX + Receiver

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Key Features

  • Ultra-Long Range
  • Digital circuitry
  • Low battery drain
  • Low battery warning
  • Vibration alert function
  • Bivvy light function
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries

The Fox RX + Receiver is a powerful, portable bite alarm receiver. Supplied with a lanyard, it can be worn around your neck, or tied to a belt loop, allowing you to keep your hands free for tying rigs, cutting bait, or other bankside tasks.  It is also freestanding, making it ideal for the bivvy, where it can be placed on a bivvy table, or on the lid of a bait bucket, again, allowing you to keep your hands free.

Running on three AA batteries, the RX + has a low battery alarm, meaning you never have to worry about missing bites because you’ve run out of juice.  It also features a vibration bite alarm tone, so you can enjoy overnight fishing without disturbing other anglers, and a bivvy light alarm setting, giving you the freedom to stay tucked up in the warm, rather than out on a windswept bank watching your rod.

When the bivvy light setting is active, the main indication lights on the receiver will be dimmed, to preserve battery life and limit unnecessary, and potentially intrusive, light levels.  When selected, the bivvy lights will only come on if three bite triggers are received in quick succession; for once, there’s a gadget that knows most people don’t take kindly to being disturbed for no reason!

This receiver is powerful enough to sync up to eight RX + heads.  While it’s unlikely (though not impossible, certainly when sea fishing off a boat) that you’d be running that many lines as a solo angler, the sync capacity does offer obvious benefits for those fishing as a group, whether from bank or boat.

Soft grip casing makes this receiver comfortable to handle, while the option of a silent alert makes it late-night friendly wherever you may be fishing. With an anti-theft alarm and ultra-long range, this receiver is everything you need for a successful session, whatever your prefered form of fishing or angling.

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