Fulling Mill Premium Chalk Stream Selection 24 Flies

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Key Features

  • Flies included in this incredible selection
  • 1x Parachute Adams size 14
  • 1x Parachute Adams size 16
  • 1x Parachute Adams size 18
  • 1x Klink Adams Grey size 14
  • 1x Elkwing Caddis Tan size 14
  • 1x Wulff Red size 14
  • 1x Hawthorne size 14
  • 1x CJ's Ducks Dun size 16
  • 1x Spinner Apricot size 16
  • 1x Griffiths Gnat size 18
  • 1x Thorax BWO size 18
  • 1x Minnikin's Paradun Lt Olv size 16
  • 1x P/Tail Sawyer size 14
  • 1x P/Tail Sawyer size 16
  • 1x TH Copper H/Ear B/L size 16
  • 1x Flashback PTN B/L size 16
  • 1x Dirty Pink Shrimp B/L size 16
  • 1x O/E Freshwater Shrimp B/L size 16
  • 1x SR Klink Duo Special B/L size 12
  • 1x Peacock Daddy size 12
  • 1x G/Nug Mayfly Nymph size 12
  • 1x Mohican Mayfly size 12
  • 1x Mayfly Gray Wulff size 10
  • 1x Mayfly Lunns Spent Gnat size 12

Fulling Mill Premium Chalk Stream Selection 24 Flies

Whether you are going fishing on a chalk stream for the first time or you’re a veteran when it comes to this form of fly fishing, the impressive array of flies chosen by expert anglers included in the Fulling Mill Premium Chalk Stream Selection will ensure you’ve got everything you need no matter what time of year you’re heading to the bank.

Chalk stream fishing takes place in spring-fed chalk rivers, of which there are very few around the world, with the majority being found in Hampshire. The cool, clear, alkaline water encourages the growth of lush weeds, which provide both food and cover for trout and habitat for freshwater shrimp and the nymphs of up-winged flies.

These conditions enable anglers to spot, stalk and cast to large fish individually. Together with the striking surroundings, this makes chalk stream fishing one of the most exciting and desirable forms of the sport.

As with all forms of fly fishing, flies are an integral part of chalk stream fly fishing, which is why sourcing them from a leading manufacturer such as Fulling Mill is essential. With its beginnings in 1930s Kenya, Fulling Mill has gone on to become an established international brand renowned for its high-quality fishing flies.

Fulling Mill sources its materials from suppliers around the world to ensure the quality of each individual component, with every single one of its flies being tied by its skilled artisans in its factories in Kenya and Sri Lanka. And, despite of its long history, it continues to develop new patterns to keeps its range fresh and effective.

This selection of Fulling Mill flies includes several bestsellers, such as three sizes of the Parachute Adams, a fly which is easy to spot and extra buoyant thanks to the hackle being wound horizontally around an upright ‘wing’ that sits low yet lightly on the surface. Another bestseller is the Elkwing Caddis Tan, a wonderful wake-creating pattern when skated on the water as sedge are hatching.

Another popular pattern in this collection of chalk stream fly fishing flies is the Hawthorne. It simulates the large, lumbering legs of Hawthorne flies, weak flyers that are often blown onto the water’s surface, where they become easy pickings for fish. The similarly-popular Griffiths Gnat imitates several aquatic and terrestrial insects and is ideal for more delicate fishing.

Other bestsellers to be found in the Premium Chalk Stream Selection are the Peacock Daddy, which should be used when dark-bodied species are blown into the water, and the Gold Nugget Mayfly Nymph, which can be used to mimic nymph crawling along the riverbed prior to hatching and features a brass bead so it will reach feeding fish.

This assortment of flies also includes patterns developed by several renowned anglers. The Wulff Red was devised by the late, legendary US sports fisherman Lee Wulff to float on big, fast rivers; it is bulked up with hair instead of feathers. The Mayfly Gray Wulff is based on the Grey Wulff pattern created by Wulff, and is an excellent mayfly pattern to have with you when chalk stream fishing.

The Klink Adams Grey is a take on the Klinkhammer designed by the great Dutch fly tyer Hans van Klinken. Its abdomen and tail drop into the water, which makes it a highly-effective emerger-type fly for use in still water.

Created by one of the finest fly fisherman in the UK, the Oliver Edward Freshwater Shrimp is a meticulous copy of the real thing - so much so that the man himself rates it as one of his “all-time lethal patterns”.

Without the right flies, chalk stream fly fishing goes from being an artform to a stab in the dark, but with the superb range of flies that comprises the Fulling Mill Premium Chalk Stream Selection you will be able to make the most of this thrilling and eye-catching form of fly fishing.

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