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Garbolino Power Fighter Carp Pole

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Key Features

  • Revolutionary performance
  • Ideal for all match anglers
  • Balanced feel
  • Comfortable handling

Replacing Garbolino's iconic Power Legion pole, the Power Fighter Carp Pole comes in at 14metres, making it the ideal choice for small to medium venues, and great for close quarter pegs where space is limited.

Incredibly smooth section joints are reinforced with blue-tinged carbon for an impressively stiff pole that still remains fast and responsive when you need it most, with speed and power flowing together through the tip section to give you an exciting fight, and fingertip feel of every inch of the action, whatever you're fishing for, and whatever conditions you're facing.  The sections fit together smoothly, giving you a powerful thump when your pole hits the water, while taking apart the sections, to bring in your quarry on a tight peg where there's not a lot of room to manoeuvre, is effortless, even when you've got a hard fighting fish on the end. Well-crafted walls provide exceptional strength, with a robustness that will stand up to anything.

This is a well-balanced pole that's light enough to give you comfortable handling all day long, even when you've got a session of heavy, happy hauling ahead of you. You'll barely notice it's there, until you come to land your new PB, and the power and performance that's packed into this pole comes into its own.

With bold, contemporary graphics set against a matte black shaft, this Garbolino pole provides the striking style modern match anglers want, with the subtle, unobtrusive presence that puts you ahead of the competition on any venue, and brings in the results you want time after time.

Established in 1945, Garbolino brought their first  carbon fibre poles onto the angling scene thirty two years later, in 1977, claiming a bold head start on what was to become the go-to material for performance angling tackle for decades to come, and setting the standard for dynamic innovation that was all about providing the tackle and accessories that keen match anglers were coming to need and demand.  

Affectionately known as 'Garbo', the Garbolino brand holds their ground in the match angling sphere well. With a reputation for innovation, the impressive performance and contemporary style of the Power Fighter Carp Pole is unsurprising in its presence, but a literal revolution in terms of its performance, giving you the comfort, convenience, and smooth feel that ensures you'll never have second thoughts about heading out into the heat of competition, and gives you the energy and focus to make the most of the full five hours, along with the confidence to attempt the daring moves you need to make to keep you ahead of the game, and on top of the performance curve.

An impressive, reliable pole for those finding their feet in match angling, and wanting to be ready when the slabs come calling, the Power Fighter is a carp pole to be proud of, and one you can rely on in all conditions, and on any venue.  Take a look for yourself at your local Angling Direct shop, or order yours online today.


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