Gardner Covert Longshank Mugga Hooks

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Key Features

  • Longer, sharper chemically etched straight point
  • Matt finish
  • Short curved shank and 25 degree in-turned
  • Micro Barb
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CLSMHB4 Size: 4 Barbless
CLSMH8 Size: 8 Barbed
CLSMHB10 Size: 10 Barbless
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CLSMH10 Size: 10 Barbed
Out of stock
CLSMHB8 Size: 8 Barbless
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Gardner Covert Longshank Mugga Hooks, Re-specified the shape and length of the Continental Mugga hooks point so they are longer, slimmer and much sharper than before. The new long tapered points are a major improvement and the shape and point now ensures the hook pricks even quicker and penetrates easier. Next, we have swapped over to the new stripped down Covert Dark plating. This new finish still offers excellent camouflage, thanks to the matt finish, and also ensures that we keep the sharpest possible point on the hook as it is a single electroplated finish. The reduction in handling during the finishing process means the points remain immaculate and razor sharp.

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