Gardner Fluoro Dissolving Foam

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Key Features

  • Quick dissolving fluro PVA foam
  • Floating foam nuggets
  • Protects your hook point
  • Shows the position of your cast rig
  • Prevents tangles
  • Large resealable slider bag
  • Bioegradable foam
  • Net weight approx 50g of foam

For anglers that are yet to use floating foam to their hook setups, Gardner offers its quick dissolving Fluoro coloured floating foam nuggets for anglers looking to protect hook points in weed or snags, to show the position of a rig after casting or to prevent hairs tangling when casting. The Gardner dissolving foam has a multitude of uses.

Anglers can also use this Dissolving Rig Foam to pack spods to prevent bait spillage and the loss of dry baits such as pellets and chopped boilies during long, hard distance casting.

Gardner suggests that for quick release of foam or to get better results in winter, just nick the foam onto the hook and avoid compressing it where possible. Also for a longer dissolve rate, 'lick 'n stick' the foam nugget by wrapping and squeezing it around the hook. It will remain on the hook longer before popping to the surface.

The foam does come in a large re-sealable bag which can be reused time and time again for many sessions to come. There is approximately 50g of foam per bag. To lastly note, the foam is 100% biodegradable, so the foam is environmentally safe.

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