Greys GR100S Beach Rod

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Key Features

  • Super high performance shore rods
  • Slim diameter, lightweight blanks
  • Toreon nano carbon construction
  • Tip highlight for night time bite detection
  • Fuji Rings &Greys sliding reel seat
  • 13ft 4in and 13ft 9in rods are 2-piece (equal section lengths)
  • 15ft 2in and 15ft 6in rods are 3-piece (equal section lengths)
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1374080 Length: 13ft9, Casting Weight: 5-7oz
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1374079 Length: 13ft4, Casting Weight: 4-6oz
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Greys GR100S Beach Rod

Greys is a brand that has a long and illustrious history on the UK angling scene and the company has been around since the 1960s. It has an enviable reputation for high quality tackle that allows you to perform to the very best of your ability time after time and the brand is committed to innovation which ensures that it continues to manufacture tackle at the cutting edge of performance. This is clearly evidenced in Greys new sea fishing rod series – the GRS.

This is the ultimate all-round beach rod in the Greys range. The Greys GR100S Beach Rod is high performance and high quality, allowing you to tackle a range of scenarios with equal confidence in your gear. As with the rest of the rods in the new GRS range, the GR100S boasts an impressive toreon nano carbon construction. Toreon nano is Greys very own carbon compound material which is able to offer both resilience and responsiveness. This means that this rod is exceptionally hard wearing, whilst also ensuring that it is able to offer the sort of stiffness which keeps you well aware of everything that is going on around your hookbait. You’ll never have to be worried about missing a hit with the Greys GR100S and this rod will ensure that you’re clued up about all of the events under the water. What’s, the tip of this rod has been highlighted in a bright white colour. This has been purposed designed for low light level angling and it ensures that you’re able to enjoy the same clarity of vision in dawn and dusk angling as you are when you’re sea fishing at midday.

The rod blank is slim, with an impressive power to weight ratio that you’ll really have to experience in order to believe. This means that this rod not only looks great on the beach but it also is able to offer a fantastic medium fast action. This action is perfect in a whole host of sea fishing scenarios and it ensures that you’re able to target a whole host of angling conditions. Whether you’re fishing over a heavy surf or you’re casting into water which is more reminiscent of a mill pond than the coast line, you’ll be able to perform with confidence using this Greys GR100S Beach Rod. This really is the ultimate tools for your general surf and beach fishing.

The Greys GR100S Beach Rod boasts Fuji line guides, which allow you to fish with a range of line types with confidence. The rod also boasts one of Grey’s very own sliding reel seats. This is a Grip-lock style seat which ensures you can fish with a whole host of surf casting reels for incredible results. The rod blank is finished with a full rubber shrink tube handle, offering enviable grip throughout your angling and ensuring that you can perform with cold or damp hands with ease. There are two different versions of this rod currently available. The first of these is 13ft and 4 inches and this rod offers an optimal casting weight range of between 4oz and 6oz. The second rod option is 13ft and 9 inches and it offers a casting range of between 5oz and 7oz. This longer rod is ideal for slightly longer casts and its heftier casting range means that it is slightly better suited to larger species. Both rods perform well across the board, however, and both are two piece outfits to ensure that they are easy to transport without sacrificing any of the rod’s performance.

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