Greys GT Marker Rod

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Key Features

  • Robust build quality
  • Progressive power action
  • Anti-frap tip ring
  • G-lite ultralite guides
  • 6, 12, 18 &24 depth markers
  • Fuji NPS 20 reel seat with locking collar
  • Raw carbon anti-scratch sanded finish
  • Smart black anodised butt cap and collars
  • Length: 12ft

Greys GT Marker Rod

The avid carp fishing angler will know that having a top quality marker rod in your arsenal is absolutely key to your angling success. After all, what’s the point spending time feature finding and sussing out the topography of the lake bed if you’re just going to rely on guesswork for you casting and baiting? Marker rods allow you to plant a clearly visible float on the exact spot your want to target, giving you a precise visual aid for all your future casts. So, whether you’re spodding out huge amounts of freebie bait or you’re casting your hookbait, the marker float gives you something to aim for.

The Greys GT Marker Rod is robust enough to handle the strain of casting a weighty float out to the furthest reaches of your venue. The rod offers a progressively building fast action, ensuring you hit your target spot on with each cast. The blank is finished with raw carbon anti-scratch sanding. This ensures that your rod will look as good in a decade as it does today, no matter how much wear and tear you put it through. The rod also has black anodised butt cap and collars, which again maintain the excellent aesthetics of the GT Marker.

The rod is furnished with G-Lite ultralite guides. This maintains the low weight of the rod whilst still providing the kind of robust guiding you need for repetitive marker work. The tip ring on the rod is anti-frap, ensuring that you won’t experience any line tangling, even on aggressive casts. The GT Marker is fitted with a Fuji NPS 20 reel seat, with locking collar, to hold your reel in the perfect position throughout your time using the rod. The rod also features six, 12, 18, and 24 depth markers, ensuring that you can mark up your swim with precision.

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