Greys Platinum Extreme T5 Sinking Fly Line

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Key Features

  • Ultra-low memory
  • Smooth, slick finish
  • Dual colour with high-vis running line
  • Designed for optimum casting and bite indication
  • 120ft overall length
  • Modified taper, and overall low diameter
  • Ideal for effortless distance casting
  • Comes with 2 braided loops
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Greys Platinum Extreme T5 Sinking Fly Line,

Greys fishing tackle has aimed to produce high quality products that enable you to discover new experiences and dive deeper when you’re down on the bank ever since its establishment back in 1968. Greys prides itself on its excellent reputation for high quality and innovative products that revolutionise the way you fish whilst still remaining good value for money and reliable. Its design and production team are constantly experimenting with the latest technology in order to provide anglers across the nation with top tier terminal tackle that, at the end of the day, helps that when they’re on the bank. The Greys Platinum Extreme T5 Sinking Fly Line certainly lives up to its high standards.

This Sinking Fly Line is dual coloured, high-vis orange and brown, and has very little memory with a smooth, slick finish. Thanks to this smooth design, it will glide through the ring guides with ease when cast. This means there will be little to no friction when you cast your line, so it will remain in top quality condition for longer than ever before. The high-vis colour will make it easier to see your line even in low-light conditions, so you can see right down to your hook and not miss a single bite.

An exceptional feature of this Extreme T5 Sinking Fly Line is that it utilises a pronounced front taper and a short rear taper. The longer front taper allows for a more delicate presentation as energy is dissipated over the length of the taper, ultimately giving you a more accurate cast.  The short rear taper puts the running line in guides more quickly, which will give you a faster cast. The combined designed on these tapers offers you a precise, delicate cast with great speed. This results in optimum long distance presentation, which this line has been specially designed for. If you’re an angler who prefers to cast long distance, this line will be perfect for you.

This fly line is supplied with two small braided loops which you can attach to your backing and leader. It has been designed for optimum convenience; this line will fit in with the rest of your gear perfectly and make sure you can achieve even greater casts with your rod. Thanks to the brilliant and innovative design of this line, you will be able to reel in even bigger catches, and be confident that your line can handle the power and weight of the fish. Its sturdiness and power is fantastic and perfect for any longer distance fisherman.

Not only is this line excellent at long distance casting, but it is also superb at bite indication. It is extremely sensitive so you will be able to feel every little tap or nudge from even the quietest of fish in your swim. With this exceptional bite indication, you will be able to make use of the line’s high quality more than ever. The combination of optimum casting and bite indication is what every angler dreams of, and this line performs both beautifully.

With a 120ft overall length and ultra-low memory, this line will last a considerable length of time and assist you in many of your angling sessions, making them even more successful than ever. The modified taper and overall low diameter make this line a sublime accessory and different from any other line on the market today.

This range of lines has been developed to reach fish that other lines can only dream of, and its smooth, slick finish helps it do just that. It is ideal for effortless distance casting, and will offer you maximum power and distance when fly fishing without any sacrifices.

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