Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands

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Key Features

  • 15 Inch suitable for standard angling requirements
  • Super sharp eyed MWG hook
  • Perfect hook size to hair length ratio
  • Figure of eight loop for easy connection to your rig
  • Silicone tube to align the hair for perfect presentation
  • 8 rigs per pack
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GRR013 Size: 12 to 9lb Nylon, Length: 15 Inch
10+ in stock
GRR014 Size: 14 to 9lb Nylon, Length: 15 Inch
10+ in stock
GRR015 Size: 16 to 7lb Nylon, Length: 15 Inch
10+ in stock
GRR016 Size: 18 to 6lb Nylon, Length: 15 Inch
10+ in stock

Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands,

Creating your own rigs can be incredibly time consuming – not to mention inaccurate – and many of us simply don’t have the time to spend creating that perfect rig. After all, some months we hardly have the time to spend a couple of hours on the bank, let alone wasting time trying to create our own bespoke rigs. If you’re like us you’ll want to be able to bait up a top quality ready rig that you can rely on and be down on the bank fishing for as long as possible, rather than wasting time fiddling with your gear. There are countless ready-made rigs available, but if you want perfect bait presentation every time then you need to be using Guru’s Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands. Ideal for the avid carp angler, these Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands are the terminal tackle you need to make your sessions a joy rather than a chore.

Guru’s Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands are available in two different sizes: 4 inches and 15 inches. Theses have each been designed with a different purpose in mind, in order to ensure that you can get the most out of your fishing, whichever method you prefer. For example, the 4 inch size has been designed with Pellet Waggler fishing in mind. Guru is an expert and, after lots of experimentation and real world testing, Guru discovered that a 4 inch rig was the ideal length to achieve perfect presentation. This version of the rig has been tied with MWG hooks to ensure reliability time after time. MWG is Guru’s premier hook pattern which offers use across the different styles of angling. Boasting a super wide gape and in a beaked shape, this hook ensures that you can connect with as may bites as possible and it ensures that solid hooks holds will nearly always convert to getting a fish in your net. This is as ideal for match fishing sessions as it is for shorter day sessions and it is the perfect hook option for the time pressured angler.

In the 15 inch length, these ready rigs are perfect for fishing with pellets. In fact, the 15 inch Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands are ideal for those anglers who fish mostly on commercials. Thanks to the addition of fitted bait bands, it is incredibly easy to attach hard pellets quickly – ideal for those of us who don’t want to waist time with drills but still want the benefits of the hard pellet presentation. The benefits of fishing with a hard pellet include the fact that your pellet on your hook is identical to the pellet you have been feeding, making it much more likely for your target carp to take. After all, if a fish knows that the bait it’s been feeding is safe then it is much more likely to take the bait on your hook, too.

Perfect presentation really is the name of the game with both versions of the Guru Pellet Waggler Rig With Bands. The hair rigs feature a silicone tube, which has been designed to perfectly align the hair. They have also been designed with the perfect hook-size to hair length ratio, too. These two factors help ensure that no matter which bait you’re presenting in the band – whether it is a hard pellet, a cube of luncheon meat, or a piece of sweetcorn – these ready rigs offer exactly what you’re after. As a final feature, these ready rigs have a figure of eight loop connector attached, making it incredibly easy to attach your rig to the rest of your setup, too.

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