Harrison Cerbera Rod

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Key Features

  • Highly versatile casting rod in the 100 to 130yd range
  • Excellent at handling fish close in
  • Blank: blend of high &intermediate modulus UD carbon, ultra light C-scrim &epoxy matrix
  • Smooth powerful action for middle to medium distance
  • Less fast than Torrix, but a little quicker than Chimera
  • Fine 1k carbon fabric finish on the butt, up to the second ring on the tip - like a Torrix
  • Tip tapers like on Chimera
  • Discreet minimalist logos and branding
  • Fuji 18 DPS reel seat to handle a wide range of reels
  • Kigan 3D 50 ring set - for long casting
  • Stainless steel collars
  • Abbreviated handle with slim 5inch EVA grip and discreet small logos
  • Ultra matt, long-life blank finish
  • Built in the UK to the highest standard
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Harrison Cerbera Rod,

With a look and performance that equals some of the very best carp rods currently available on the market today, the Cerbera from Harrison has been designed with carp fishing in mind and is built for those anglers who want top level quality without having to pay a top end price tag. The Harrison Cerbera takes its names from Cerberus, the many headed hound from Greek mythology why guards the gates to Hades underworld. Like Cerberus, the Harrison Cerbera has been engineered to look in both directions. This is why the rod is just as capable at handling fish close in as it is casting way out between 100 and 130 yards.

This rod also forms the perfect in-between for fans of both the Torrix and the Chimera – in terms of rod speed at least. Faster than the chimera but not quite reaching the top speed of the Torrix, this is the perfect rod for the carp angler who is looking to develop their casting ability and doesn’t yet want to unleash the power of the Torrix. The build and profile of the rod also straddle the Torrix and Chimera. The rod boasts the same stunning 1K weave as the Torrix, giving it the kind of back bone it requires to handle hefty carp, whilst offering the tip taper of the Chimera, allowing you to tackle snaggy swims with confidence. Although the team at Harrison believe it is impossible to make a true all-round rod, they believe that this rod certainly comes exceptionally close! The Harrison Cerbera has a smooth and powerful action – it is the ideal middle distance rod for tackling the majority of carp fishing waters that the UK can offer.

Like the rest of the rods in Harrison range this Cerbera is designed, developed, and manufactured right here in the UK.

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