Hinders Big Cheeze Glug 125ml

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Key Features

  • Flavour enhancing glug
  • Comes into its own in colour
  • Great in very low water temperatures
  • The glug contains real cheese
  • Supplied in a 125ml Bottle

Tell Me About It

Giving you 125ml of flavour enhancing glug that’s guaranteed to spice up your coarse fishing bait, this Hinders liquid bait additive comes into its own in high coloured, low-temperature waters.  Containing real cheese, it packs a powerful dairy protein punch that coarse fish species such as tench and barbel simply can’t resist.

What Discipline Is It For?

An all-round bait option, this glug is handy to add an extra layer of attraction during winter coarse fishing sessions.

Why Should I Buy It?

When the water temperature starts falling, your coarse fishing bait routine needs to be on the rise, as it’s that much harder to convince cold fish to feed.

With the rich scent of cheese wafting through the water, however, even the most reluctant fish will want to take a bite, ensuring that your coarse fishing tackle gets to do more than just look good!

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The fact that this Hinders bait contains real cheese makes it a great option for coarse fishing enthusiasts, especially specimen coarse anglers heading out during the winter months.

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