Hinders Tutti Frutti Betalin 50ml

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Key Features

  • Betalin brings over 15yrs of bait additive performance
  • Betalin and Tutti Frutti combination will give you that extra edge
  • Supplied in a 50ml bottle

If you want to add some classic taste and high-attraction flavour to any bait, then you’ll welcome the return of Hinders Tutti Frutti flavour in this Betalin bait additive that’s packed with performance potential, and offers exactly what you, and the carp you’re fishing for, want.

Hinders Tutti Frutti Betalin instantly boosts plastic hookbait,and allows you to leave your baits soaking for months, giving them a flavour that carp simply can’t resist, meaning you can prepare you winter baits in the middle of summer, leaving you free, in the colder months, to focus on fishing, rather than fishing preparation.

Tutti Frutti is a classic flavour from Hinders, and ideal to add to any aspect of your bait regime, or onto rig plastics, to provide an irresistible level of attraction in your swim, and flavour the water in a way that’s guaranteed to see you bringing fish to the bank.

The idea behind bait additives is to give fish something they won’t come across in the water every day. Intelligent and curious, carp are inclined to keep coming back and forth to something new, and will enthusiastically return to something they recognise as an unexpected pleasure time and time again.

Bait additives are particularly effective in hard-fished areas, where fish have learned to be cautious of common baits.  If you’re fishing on a commercial venue, definitely make sure you’ve got some additive packed in your bait bag.

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