Justin Grapes Tench Essentials Pack


Key Features

  • Justin Grapes Tench Essentials Pack contains
  • 1x 5ltr Bucket of Advanta Bait
  • 1x 1kg Bag of CC Moore Betaine Ultramix Pellets
  • 1x 1kg Bag of Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets 4mm
  • 1x Bag of Sensas Ready Method Mix
  • 1x Tin of DB Xl Plain Sweetcorn
  • 1x Pack of Enterprise Tackle Rubber Caster
  • 1x Pack of Natural Drennan Buoyant Maggot
  • 1x Pack of Natural Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn

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Justin Grapes Tench Essentials Pack, Advanta 5ltr Bucket, Bait is one of the most essential elements of your angling arsenal and, as dedicated anglers themselves, the Advanta team are always on the hunt for new products and mixes to set their bait apart from the rest on the bank. Particles are always an excellent way to spice up a classic groundbait mix and they are ideal to add to a spod rocket of crushed boilies in order to create an ultra-attractive carpet of feed far out in your swim. This is why the Advanta team have headed to the kitchen in order to prepare up a huge batch of particles in order to ensure that you’ve always got the option to enhance your classic baits on the bank. This is the 5l Bucket size of the Advanta particle mixes, which is ideal for the angler who is on the bank week in and week out and it ensures that you never find yourself running low on your vital particles when you least expect it. For the angler who wants to experiment with the Advanta particles, there are also 500g Handy Packs available too. CC Moore Betaine Ultramix Pellets, Betaine has emerged as one of the most effective bait additives of recent years, with many bait companies, anglers and aquaculture feed producers using it to enhance palatability and appetite stimulation. This blend of 4, 6, 8 and 11mm 60% protein pellets contains a high level of Betaine to promote stronger and longer feeding spells in all water temperatures. Ingredients such as pre-digested and low temperature fish meals mean that the high quality, highly digestible protein in these pellets acts as a powerful attractor in winter when oil alone is ineffective. With four different sized pellets breaking down at different speeds, a steady flow of nutrients and attractors is leaked into the water, stimulating fish to feed whilst giving a more natural physical appearance due to the variation of pellet sizes. Contains G.L.M. Extract and Squid Meal for extra attraction! Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets, If there is one type of pellet you could use for the rest of your fishing days then you would choose Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets the ultimate big fish bait. Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Pellets are a proven big fish catcher in the specimen world and equally as effective for smaller commercial Carp, or river Barbel. These high protein, high oil pellets are packed with high leakage attractants that will slowly release in your swim. A slow breakdown means higher attraction levels over longer periods, perfect for big fish anglers and proven as THE pellet on many of todays top waters. Bait-Tech. Sensas 3000 Ready Method Mix, The already well-established method and feeder mix in ready-mixed form. Straight from the bag onto the feeder for instant fishing. Dynamite Baits XL Sweetcorn This sweetcorn has been designed and selected specifically for fishing and we believe it offers the perfect compromise between being tough enough to stay on the hook when cast and soft enough that the fish will readily take the bait. Dynamite Baits XL Sweetcorn comes supplied in a 340g ring pull can so you dont have to mess around taking a can opener to the bank. Drennan Buoyant Artificial Maggot, The Buoyant Maggot can be used on a wide range of hooks producing effective baits which are sinking, critically balanced or popped up. They are also effective fished in conjunction with live maggot or as combination bait with real or artificial sweetcorn. Ideal for Carp, Tench and Bream. The pineapple flavour is a proven attractant which can be boosted or even-ridden by immersion in more concentrated flavours. Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn, This is the original pop up sweetcorn developed by us in 1999, the bait that changed the face of modern day carp fishing, and started the imitation bait revolution. Often copied but never bettered, this bait is responsible for the capture of thousands of large carp including a former british record, plus specimen tench, bream, crucians and roach. Impregnated with our special attractants, the imitation grains are soft enough for side hooking but are most effective when used on a hair rig, either alone or combined with real grains of corn. Use the buoyancy to your advantage to create popped up or critically balanced hook baits, using a small shot if required to counterbalance the rig. Enterprise Tackle Rubber Caster, Soft buoyant imitation caster ideal for tench, chub, barbel etc. Over the past few years, our imitation caster have proved to be the 'top bait' for specimen tench, accounting for many multiple catches and double figure fish up to 12lb 15oz. Unlike the fake casters produced by some other companies, we purposely enhance the colours of ours so they stand out from the loose feed. Combined with just the right buoyancy to help counterbalance the hook, plus our added special attractors, our casters consistently out fish those from our rivals.

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