Korda Combi Rig Pack


Key Features

  • Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon
  • Korda Supernatural
  • Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tuber
  • Korda Wide Gape
  • Korda Link Loop

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Korda Combi Rig Pack

The combi rig is a versatile rig that can be used to present both bottom bait and popups. The Korda Combi Rig Pack contains everything you need to create your own combi rigs, which means you can tie them to suit your preferences and circumstances. And you can rest assured the components are of the highest quality, as they are all developed and manufactured by top carp fishing terminal tackle brand Korda.

Combi rigs are an effective way of presenting hookbait to catch carp and can be used on different lake beds, ranging from silt to gravel. It’s especially effective in clear waters, as the use of fluorocarbon as a boom makes it very difficult for even wary carp to see, while the combination of fluorocarbon and braid keeps tangles to a minimum.

The Korda Combi Rig Pack contains Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon, which is almost invisible when immersed in water, Korda Supernatural, a finely-woven, super-supple, extra strong braid, Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tube, which can improve the efficiency of any hook, a packet of ultra-sharp Korda Wide Gape and a packet of Korda Link Loop, which make it quick and easy to change your rig.

To get everything you need to tie a top-quality combi rig, get yourself the Korda Combi Rig Pack.

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