Korda LE Boonie Hat Digi Kamo

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Key Features

  • All profits will to go to the Lennox Children's Cancer Trust
  • The Boonie Hat has a classic look with an all-round brim
  • It is a lightweight sun hat providing shade and sun protection
  • Water resistant so it can be used during rainy seasons too
  • An adjustable cord within the crown offers a customisable fit
  • Designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit
  • The contemporary Digital Camo will help you blend into the surroundings
  • Will help you stay disguised in close range or stalking situations

Boonie hats are a great way to keep you cool in the hotter seasons by offering shade to your whole head with the rim sheltering you all the way around rather than just a peak like on baseball caps.

Korda is a carp fishing tackle company that has been in operation since their conception in 1993.  Korda has been an innovator in carp fishing in the past couple of decades, setting higher industry standards with every product it launches. Korda Tackle is now one of the top names in the UK carp fishing scene, and it follows its strict ethos that every product it produces must have the practical application on the bank from catapults to clothes.

In typical Korda fashion, the camouflage feature is indicated with the Kamo title, offering carp anglers the inconspicuous pattern they love from their luggage to the hats. The contemporary Digital Camo design will help you blend into the surroundings around the lake, preventing you from spooking carp in close range or stalking situations.

This Korda Boonie Hat has a classic look with an all-around brim that lays perfectly along your brow, not obstructing your vision as you build your rigs, unhook your fish and cast your rods. The boonie is the go-to for headgear that offers shade and shelter without increasing warmth and perspiration of your head.

This is a lightweight sun hat that is perfect for providing shade and sun protection whilst remaining light enough to keep maximum movability of your head. The hat also features reinforced holes in around the middle of the hat to keep your scalp cool and your skin can breathe.

This hat is not just for the summer, it can serve a purpose in the more miserable climates of the UK thanks to its water resistance. Perfect for the drizzles and light showers that often surprise anglers in the midst of some sun, the hat in multi-purposeful.

The hat comes in one size only, however, the measurements of the hat are adjustable thanks to the adjustable cord within the crown, providing a customisable fit and preventing your hat flying off with a gust of wind or falling off as you quickly bend over to grab your landing net.

Also, as the glasses emblem indicates, all the profits made from this Korda range will go to the Lennox Children's Cancer Trust to which Korda boss, Danny Fairbrass is especially passionate about due to his own battles with skin cancer. This hat is, therefore, a generous purchase that not only shelters you from sunburnt but simultaneously donates to those children that are in treatment.


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