LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch

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Key Features

  • Power: 100 lumens max
  • Run Time: up to 40 hours
  • Beam Distance: up to 100m
  • Weight: 105grams
  • Supplied with: Belt Hook and Duracell® batteries (3xAAA)
  • 1x CREE Power LED Light Chip
  • 1x Glare-free High End Red LED Light to protect night vision
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS) - Flood Beam to Sharply Focused Spot Beam
  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) – Power, Low Power, Signal
  • Directional Lighting - Lamp Head swivels within an angle of 90 degrees
  • Washable, replaceable, anti-allergic headband colour-coded to match lamp head
  • Transport Lock – prevents light accidentally switching on
  • Lightweight – ideal for extended duration use
  • Casing glows when in use – see and be seen
  • IPX6 – superior dust and water protection

LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch

It is a fact of angling life that you’ll end up on the bank in low light levels, with darkness encroaching. Whether you’re trying to quickly pack up in order to get home in time for dinner or you’re hunkering down for a night spent carp fishing, it is vital to have a light source with you on the bank. After all, one misjudged footfall in the dark could see you tumbling into the cold, smelly water. A standard hand torch might suffice in this scenario, but it does restrict your ability to move on the bank. Similarly a table lantern might shed some light on the bank, but it is remarkably easy to stand in the way of the path of light – once again plunging you into relative darkness. This is why a top quality head torch is the perfect option – regardless of the scenario you find yourself in – and there is no better head torch than the LED Lenser SEO3.

The LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch comes in a vibrant bright green colour which actually glows in the dark. This not only helps you to locate your head torch, should you wake up in the middle of the night to a scream from your bite alarm, but it also helps your own visibility to other anglers on the bank should you be wearing the head torch without having it switched on. The headband is made form a washable elastic fabric, which has hypoallergenic properties. This ensures that even those angler with the most sensitive of skin can wear this head torch and you can enjoy maximum comfort even when wearing it for extended periods of time. Additionally, the head torch only weighs in at 105g, for improved comfort.

There are two different beam options on the LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch. The first of these is bright white Cree LED. This is the optimum night time illumination option. This uses LED Lenser’s patented Advanced Focused System to ensure that you won’t experience any spotting of light. Instead, you’ll be able to see consistent white light all the way from flood to spot. This beam lights up to 100 meters in front of you, which is ideal for looking out over the water in the dark, and it burns with the intensity of 100 lumens. This light can operate for up to 40 hours before you’ll need to change the battery. However, because this torch operates using three AAA batteries, even this won’t be a hassle. The second beam option is a glare-free high end red LED. This is the ultimate night vision option and it is the perfect beam to choose whilst you’re landing your catch, as it ensures that you do not startle or stun your fish.

The LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch operates on three of the brand’s innovative Smart Light Technology settings. These are known as Power, Low Power, and Signal. This ensures that you always have the perfect light intensity for the situation in front of you, as well as enabling you to conserve battery power. The torch is also protected using a switch lock, which prevents accidental activation of the beam whilst in transit. This means that you’ll never arrive on the bank only to discover that your torch is completely devoid of power.

The head lamp swivels within a 90 degree angle. This is ideal, for example, if you’re tying a rig on the bank in the dark. You can angle the head torch so the beam points downward, towards your tray, table, or rig station. The torch offer IPX6 dust and water protection, making the LED Lenser SEO3 Head Torch the ideal torch for all your angling needs.

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