LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch

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Key Features

  • LED: 1 x high end power LED (white) + 1 x high end LED (red)
  • Lumens: 220 (white)/20 (red)
  • Beam distance: 130m (white)/40m (red)
  • Burn time: 5h (white)/20h (red)
  • Focus: advanced system with speed focus (spot/flood)
  • On/Off: push button
  • Energy tank: 3.2Wh
  • Power supply: 1 x Li-ion battery (included)
  • IPX rating: 6
  • Technical data: ANSI FL1
  • 3x high end power LED (white)
  • 1x high end power LED (red)
  • Glare free red light
  • Advanced focus system
  • Smart light technology (smart LED protection)
  • Optisense technology
  • 2 light colours: white (general)/red (night vision)
  • Rotating lamp head
  • High end heat sink technology
  • Key lock system
  • Adjustable headband (exchangeable & washable)
  • Carabiner hook (built in)
  • High comfort level
  • Transport securing mechanism
  • Carabiner attachment (included)
  • Low weight
  • Weight: 3.28oz | 93g

LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch

There’s no denying that a quality head torch is one of the most important angling accessories that the overnight angler can own. Not only does it allow you to continue angling past the hours of darkness (which, in the colder months, could be as early as four in the evening) but it also allows you to continue as if it were daylight – hands free! The ability to use both your hands whilst you’re reeling in your catch is, as you might expect, vital and keeping an eye on the action in the water is equally as important. A head torch allows you to do both of these, even when you’re responding to a midnight shriek from your bite alarm. LED Lenser is one of the world leaders in head torch manufacture, producing head torches for over 50 million people worldwide. This LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch is a compact and, as the name suggests, rechargeable version of LED Lensers best selling design.

The LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch is built on German engineered OPTISENSE technology. This is an innovative system which allows the head torch to sense the leght levels in your surrounding area. This, in turn, adjusts the brightness of the light automatically – much like your smart phone screen. Not only is this better for your eyes but it also ensures that you’re never wasting battery by blasting out unnecessarily bright beams of light. What’s more, the LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch is also fitted with an advanced focussing light system. In traditional systems, light intensity is decided either by the use of a lens or a reflector. Lenses emit a homogenous light pattern, but over 70% of light is lost at distance. On the other hand, although reflectors maintain the light over a greater distance, when used close up, they cause ‘rings’ and ‘holes’ of intense and scattered light, which is damaging and fatiguing for your eyes. In order to preserve lumen count and reduce eye fatigue, LED Lenser has combined these two systems – providing you with the benefits of both and the negatives of neither. This ensures that you can enjoy distance and close up vision, without any eye fatigue.

The LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch comes with two different bean options. The first of these is the classic white beam, which is powered by three high quality LEDs. This has a beam distance of 130m and it can burn for 5 hours continuously. The second light option is a red beam. This is perfect when you’re handling a fish, getting up close and personal, as it is much less harsh and is at significantly less risk of agitating your catch. The red light has a beam distance of 40m and it can burn for a full 20 hours, due to its lower intensity. This light is powered by a single LED.

The head lamp on the LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch can rotate, allowing you to set it in the perfect direction. This means you can angle the torch upright if your fishing at distance or you can position it downwards for closeup rig-tying and other work. The headband of the LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch is completely adjustable, too, which ensures that you can get the perfect comfort fit for your head.

The LED Lenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch is completely rechargeable. It comes with a USB compatible charging cable, allowing you to plug into almost any electronic device to charge your batteries on the bank. Whilst you’re doing this, you can run the torch off standard alkaline batteries, too, so you never have to be without your light. Perfect for all angling, whether you’re carp fishing on an overnighter or you’re specimen hunting in the early hours.

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