Leeda Concept GT Cool Bag

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Key Features

  • Made from a hardwearing material with a durable base
  • Foil lined to keep bait cool
  • Carry strap
  • Featuring durable zips
  • Dimensions: H 27cm x W 36cm x D 22cm

The Leeda brand offers a wide range of products that have been developed from years of experience from their designers. They keep the angler in mind with aiming to product affordable and practical angling must-haves. The Concept GT luggage range offers functional bags and pouches that cater for all modern day anglers needs. The Leeda continues this benefit of practicality with the Concept GT cool bag that has the dimensions of H 27cm x W 36cm x D 22cm.

The cool bag is made from a hard-wearing material with a durable base, meaning setting your bag down on tough or damp terrains will not affect the bait or chosen contents. The exterior also offers the classic Concept GT colour scheme with the black, grey and blue portraying style for any coarse or match anglers.The interior of the bag is lined with foil and in between the outer and inner layers are layers of materials like flexible foam. These many thin layers of foam are dense, giving the bag the ability to maintain internal temperatures for several hours whilst keeping its rectangular structure. This temperature technology allows for a bag to keep bait cool, restraining it from spoiling.

The interior and exterior structures of the bag are thin and flexible, therefore easy and convenient for transport. The bag can also be closed using the durable zips, offering security in-case the bag falls when in transportation and therefore avoiding spillages of bait such as pellets or ground bait.

The carry straps on either side allow you to clasp them together using the velcro fabric, meaning the stored bait inside is level and balanced whilst carrying. This again will prevent spillages from occurring inside the bag. The velcro clasp also provides additional comfort through cushioning to your hand.

So if you need to keep your bait cooler, especially in the warmer seasons but do not want to spend too much, this Leeda cool bag may be a fit choice.

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