MAP Hooklength Storage Box

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Key Features

  • 2x compartments for maximum hook length storage
  • Clear UV resistant lids to protect hook lengths
  • Store hook lengths ranging from 2 inches up to 2ft in length
  • Can retain up to 80 different sizes of hook/hook length strengths
  • Can accommodate up to 1200 hook lengths
  • Unique in-built measuring tool
  • Ensure all your hook lengths are the same length
  • Slotted foam to hold your hook lengths in place
  • Ensures they are not damaged
  • White inner plate that is ball point/marker pen friendly
  • Enlarged base ends are perfectly suited to hair rigs
  • As well as ready tied pellet bands

Tell Me About It

The MAP Hooklength Storage Box comes with two compartments, offering storage for up to 80 hooks, giving you the flexibility of a range of hooklength strengths, and up to 1,200 hooklengths, with its unique, built in measuring tool allowing you to easily ensure your hooklengths are all exactly the right length.

With the capacity to store hooklengths from two inches to three feet in length, and clear, UV resistant lids that protect your hooklengths and material from sun damage, while allowing you to easily identify the hooklength you need, and a ball point/marker pen friendly white plate that gives you the ability to make notes on your individual hooklengths, this is a practical angling essential that will save you time and frustration.  Its enlarged base perfectly suits hair rigs and ready tied pellet bands, allowing you to bring your full range of rig warfare out to the peg, and change up your fishing at a moment's notice.

What Discipline Is It For?

A match angling essential, the MAP Hooklength Storage Box provides competitive coarse and match anglers with a time-saving way to ensure you've always got the best hook for the conditions ready to go.

Why Should I Buy It?

Time is of the essence in competitive angling, and the match angler who can save a couple of seconds finding the right rig might just end up being a match winner.  If you're looking to save time, avoid frustration, and give your matches the best possible chance of netting you a winning haul, then you need the MAP Hooklength Storage Box.

What's The Best Thing About It?

The MAP  Hooklength Storage Box has been designed to make finding the hooklength you need absolutely effortless, which can prove to be a real game-changer out on the peg.

In competitive angling, anything that saves time, and makes your life easier, is a winning product, and should definitely be in your kit bag.

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