Nash Mutant Imitation Sweetcorn

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Key Features

  • Semi-buoyant
  • Scary to nuisance fish
  • Specimen fish find them irresistible
  • 10 per pack
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T8911 Colour: Fluro Yellow
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Nash Mutant Imitation Sweetcorn, Mutants are scary to nuisance fish, one look or one touch and they are off on their fins leaving your Mutant to sit in ambush for that specimen fish to come along. Mutants have mutated so that fish find them irresistible. They have learnt to adapt to catch their prey and are semi-buoyant so that the weight of a hook will just sink them enabling them to waft enticingly come and eat me. Mutants have also learnt that if they gang up and join together they can become buoyant for pop-up rigs. Mutants cunningly disguise themselves and readily absorb any attraction or flavour into their skin enticing their prey to them. Some Mutant Boilies are even more devious and have mutated forming a cavity where the angler can insert paste inside to form an enticing trail of attraction. Mutant Baits are the ultimate alien predator, devastatingly effective hunters of the planets largest fish.

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