Phil Spinks’s Specimen Essentials Pack


Key Features

  • Phil Spinks’s Specimen Essentials Pack contains
  • 1x 2kg Bag of SonuBaits Exploding Fishmeal Feeder Mix
  • 1x 2kg Bag of SonuBaits Supercrush Green Groundbait
  • 1x 1kg Bag of SonuBaits Code Red Boilies
  • 1x 5L Bucket of Advanta Bait
  • 1x Packet of Enterprise Tackle Rubber Caster
  • 1x 1kg Bag of Sonubaits S-Pellets 4mm

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Phil Spinks’s Specimen Essentials Pack, SonuBaits Exploding Fishmeal Feeder Mix, This supercrush groundbait has been designed for use by todays angler. It is a modern feeder mix which is based on hemp and fishmeal. Due to the particle sizes it explodes out of the feeder providing a perfect feeding area. The speed at which it comes out of the feeder means you can very quickly build a swim with regular casts. Exploding Fishmeal Feeder can be mixed quite dry which means that it will empty from the feeder even more quickly. It can be used as a straight mix or can be used for plugging the ends of your feeder when introducing other baits into the swim. Supercrush Green Groundbait, Supercrush Green is a unique blend of Koi Pellets with added attractors such as betaine. Supercrush Green groundbait has gained a huge following since its launch and by utilising the ingredients a more complete bait range has been developed. Its a real edge in matches on commercial venues and the range has been expanded to offer you more choice than ever before. SonuBaits P-Mix Competition Groundbait: A pure fish catching groundbait. Pure crushed hemp & fishmeal pellets with added feeding stimulants, finely sieved to create the perfect competition groundbait. This combination of hemp and fishmeal pellets is one of the finest fish attractors available. A superb groundbait, equally effective when bagging on carp or other fish. A truly versatile groundbait. It forms a superb paste due to its superfine construction. Sonubaits Code Red Boilies 12mm / 15mm, The Sonubaits Code Red Boilies are liver, fishmeal and black pepper oil boilies. Freezer bait that you dont need to freeze. Available in sizes: 12mm or 15mm. Supplied in a 1kg bag. Advanta Bait Range - 5ltr Bucket Natural Hemp, Bait is one of the most essential elements of your angling arsenal and, as dedicated anglers themselves, the Advanta team are always on the hunt for new products and mixes to set their bait apart from the rest on the bank. Particles are always an excellent way to spice up a classic groundbait mix and they are ideal to add to a spod rocket of crushed boilies in order to create an ultra-attractive carpet of feed far out in your swim. This is why the Advanta team have headed to the kitchen in order to prepare up a huge batch of particles in order to ensure that you’ve always got the option to enhance your classic baits on the bank. This is the 5l Bucket size of the Advanta particle mixes, which is ideal for the angler who is on the bank week in and week out and it ensures that you never find yourself running low on your vital particles when you least expect it. For the angler who wants to experiment with the Advanta particles. SonuBaits S-Pellet, The Perfect feed to be used in conjunction with all S-Pellets. Equally at home on commercials and lower stocked mixed fisheries, this pellet will attract more and larger fish into you swim. Weight: 1kg. Enterprise Tackle Rubber Caster, Soft buoyant imitation caster ideal for tench, chub, barbel etc. Over the past few years, our imitation caster have proved to be the 'top bait' for specimen tench, accounting for many multiple catches and double figure fish up to 12lb 15oz. Unlike the fake casters produced by some other companies, we purposely enhance the colours of ours so they stand out from the loose feed. Combined with just the right buoyancy to help counterbalance the hook, plus our added special attractors, our casters consistently out fish those from our rivals.

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