Predator Bait Accessories

Dead bait method is one-way many predator anglers like to land a pike in the net but in order to get that rich, fishing bait out there that predator fish love, you may need from bait accessories.

We, here at Angling Direct have invested huge time and effort in the creation of a comprehensive range of bait accessories covering the bases, and whether you’re looking for a new baiting pole or a way of collecting your bait without getting your hands messy, we have the stock.

We’re delighted to put our name to a selection of bait accessories sourced from one of the finest brands in the world today. Our range features the latest and greatest products from Cygnet who is known for its long-standing reputation to the angling community. We put our range together by selecting only those products we would be more than happy to use ourselves – fishing is our passion as well as our business.

With the right equipment, there’s really no limit to how far your angling talents could take you. It is well documented that fish can be very fickle when it comes to their bait preferences, so with our range of bait accessories, you can keep ahead of the fish and constantly supply them with enticing baits to best improve your chances of a great catch.

In our range of bait accessories, we aim to ease the process of bait making, preparation and feeding easier.  A great tool in our bait accessory collection is the fishing spoons, perfect for picking, mixing together those pike baits in your bucket or bait box. You can use a baiting spoon to pre-bait your desired swim and get those pike drawn in.

Pairing up a bait spoon with a baiting pole is a great method for reaching further out where the shyer species lay. Having a longer handle also makes weight of bait a lot harder to control but Cygnet are two steps ahead and have designed a float to add to your bait pole to make the weight of both pole, spoon and the bait lighter and easier to maintain.

Angling Direct is always on hand to answer your queries, whether that’s in-store or on the other end of the phone. Our blog features comprehensive bait guides, as written by the finest anglers on our team, so if you’re after innovative new baiting ideas you need look no further.

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