Predator Nets

The right net is essential to every angler, as it is the only tool you can confidently use to land your catch safely onto the bank or boat. This is of the upmost importance to the predator fishing discipline as the strength and power of all predator species must be considered, choosing the right net will also ensure optimum fish care.

We sell landing nets as complete outfits, as well as separate heads and handles. No matter which way you buy it, the landing net head has to be one of your most important considerations. After all, this is going to be the first thing that comes into contact with you capture – other than your terminal tackle rig – so you want to ensure that it is up to scratch. Not only do you need your landing net head to be strong and durable, but you also need it to meet generally accepted standards of fish care. We’re proud to say that all of the nets that we stock meet these standards, so you can be confident that whichever net you invest in you’re able to use it on the bank without worrying that your fish are at any risk of accidental harm.

There are lots of different mesh types but the large majority of predator nets will be rubberised.

Rubberised Nets

Predator landing nets are often circular in shape, larger than coarse and match fishing nets, but similar in size to carp fishing nets. Predator net mesh tends to be rubberised to reduce the risk that a fish will bite through the net as pike do have razor-sharp teeth!

We stock a range of big-name predator brands such as Fox Rage and Catfish Pro all produce specially designed nets for the predator fishing discipline.

Some nets already come with handles fixed but you can buy some net heads and handles separately. Shorter handles are useful when predator angling as you are more likely to be fishing from a boat in close range. This also helps the net be slightly lighter and portable.

The Spreader Block

The spreader block is the integral component of your landing net and it holds you landing net head to your landing net handle. What’s more, it also supports the arms of your net head, too, holding them out in position. This is why it is important to make sure that your spreader block is constructed from a strong and durable material, as this is the part of your whole net set up which will be under the most pressure whilst you’re landing your catch. More often than not, you’ll find that the spreader block on your system will be manufactured from ABS plastic or a stainless steel material. Stainless steel is generally considered to be the stronger of the two options, but ABS is significantly lighter. As with many decisions in angling, the choice comes down to strength or weight – although most will find that there is barely a factor separating the two. Usually, the spreader block will be supplied with the landing net head. However, we do also stock a range of spare spreader blocks. These are ideal to have to hand, just in case you encounter a problem on the bank.

Landing Net Handle

The final component of your landing net is the handle. This is every bit as important as your net head and the quality of your landing net can be determined by the quality of the handle. The first thing you want to look for when you’re investing in a landing net handle is its rigidity. The stiffer the handle is under pressure, the easier you’re going to be able to lift your capture from the water. This is because the handle supports the weight of the fish better, so if you’re capturing huge double figure pike then you’ll want to look out for an ultra-stiff handle.

You’ll often find that landing net handles are manufactured from the same kind of carbon as your rod or a match pole. This is to ensure that they can offer strength as well as a low weight. After all, you’re already going to be trying to lift a huge predator out of the water, so you don’t want to add any unnecessary extra weight into the equation. However, some manufacturers prefer a metal construction over a carbon one. This is because they believe it offers the strength and durability that their customers need to confidently land large carp. Once again, the choice will largely come down to your own personal preference.

Another thing to consider when you’re looking at a landing net handle is its length. The vast majority of fishing nets have 6ft long handles. This is the generally accepted length for anglers fishing with 12ft rods. However, as more anglers begin to fish with longer rods the need for longer handled nets has also become prevalent. Some manufacturers have designed 3ft handle extensions to combat this. If you’re fishing with high water, a zig rig, or a 13ft rod, then a 9ft landing net allows you to keep your rod tip high whilst landing your fish.

Some nets already come with handles fixed but you can buy some net heads and handles separately. Shorter handles are useful when predator angling as you are more likely to be fishing from a boat in close range. This also helps the net be slightly lighter and portable.

The grip on your handle is every bit as important as the grip on your carp rod, as nothing is worse than feeling you landing net slip or rotate in your grasp – losing you the fish you had worked so hard for. As with rods, EVA is a popular grip material, as is shrink wrap rubber. On handles that offer two or three different pole lengths they will also offer two or three different gripping points. This is to ensure that no matter what length you’re landing your fish from, you can always be confident in your grip.


One of the most popular net accessories is a net float which sits low on the handle of your landing net, flush to the spreader block. These are used to help the net to float in the water, ideal if you get into the water in order to land your fish, giving you the confidence to release your net, allowing you to use two hands to command your fish closer. Not only useful for the mobile or stalking angler, but this is also excellent if you’re targeting an especially snaggy swim.

You can also buy spare net mesh in case a fish does bite a hole, and spreader blocks to repair your net or net sleeves, which have been designed to ensure that your car boot is kept damp and stink-free!

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