Predator Terminal Tackle

We, here at Angling Direct stock a huge range of terminal tackle setup that is specially designed for Pike and Predator fishing as it tends to be the most durable terminal tackle available. We, here at Angling Direct have handpicked the strongest pike or predator fishing hooks, trebles, pre-tied pike wire traces and rigs that are perfect for creating your own custom predator rigs for either dead bait or lure fishing.

With predator angling, there are so many different bait and rig presentations to choose from, as well as those sharp teeth to deal with. The modern predator angler requires a real assortment of rig components and accessories that we have a range of in our collection. We stock big names such as Daiwa Prorex, Korda, Preston and Drennan terminal tackle.


Hooks are classified based on their size, with the smallest hook having the largest number and the biggest hook the smallest number which is universal across all freshwater angling. Picking a hook that is the right size for the fish you are targeting is extremely important as a hook too big won’t be able to fit in its mouth but too small, and the hook won’t hold or even risk hurting the fish. You also have the gape of the hook to consider, which is the distance between the shank of the hook and the point. Consideration of bait is also wise when picking a hook. If you’re predator fishing you might also want to consider using a multi-hook, which has two or three points.


Float fishing requires a high-quality float to help to keep your rig on the surface of the water and suspend your rig mid-way through the water column, allowing you to tackle fish at a great range of depths. Floats are also used for bottom fishing which is great for predator bottom bait fishing as it ensures clear bite indication. We stock a variety of float shapes from pencils, dumpy wagglers and sliders.

Rigs and Rig Bits

Whether you want to craft your own or use a ready-made setup, we have a huge range of rig choice for you. There are loads of different styles of rig, each with their own benefits and downfalls and best suited to a specific form of fishing. Some examples of different rig names that you’ll see banded around are zig rig, chod rig, pop-up rig, pennel rig, and trace rigs. We have a range of putties, hair stops, bait bands, beads, lead clips, float stops, and much more to allow you to tailor your rig, making sure that you can experience success on the bank.


One of the most important editions to your predator rig setup is your lead, as this helps your rig to sink quickly. This is essential if you’re targeting pike which feed on the bottom as you need your bait in position as soon as possible to increase chances of a catch. There are loads of different lead options out there, such as back leads, grip leads, pear of tear leads and square pears.

Leaders, Tubing, Swivels, and Links

Leaders attach your rig section to the rest of your mainline and need to be a more abrasive material than your mainline so that predators do not bite through. Leaders come in different breaking strains, too light and your leader could snap, losing you fish but potentially saving your leads and mainline. Too heavy and the leader could lose you you're mainline and cause a hook pull, but it is less likely to be weakened by fish with teeth. Tubing is essential in preventing your line from damaging the fish.

Swivels and links allow you to create your own rig setup more precisely, allowing you to modify your rig to your exacting needs. A swivel will allow the independent movement of one section of your rig from the other, whereas a link generally keeps everything moving together as it doesn’t allow for as much twist and rotation.

Our range also includes isotopes, for low light level fishing; hooks-to-nylon; knot tyers, for anglers with clumsy fingers; pole elastic; and crimps.

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