Powapacs Luxx

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Key Features

  • IP65 water resistant
  • Carbine hook so you can hang the lamp anywhere you want
  • Frosted hood that ensures optimal distribution of light
  • Rechargeable lithium ION battery
  • 150 Lumen RGB LED Light
  • 7 different colours

We’ve all been there – its 3am and you’ve been abruptly awoken by your ear-splitting bite alarm piercing through the side of your bivvy. You swing your legs up and out of your sleeping bag and begin to fumble around looking for your shoes, wasting precious seconds, before stumbling out onto the bank and lumping into a fish that, by this point, has taken 70 yards of line and buried you in a snag.

When time is of the essence its important to be prepared and unless you’ve been blessed with night vision, its important to be able to see. The Powapacs Luxx can provide you with the latter and with a handy remote, that you could slip under your pillow, its extremely easy to wake up and illuminate your bivvy in a matter of seconds.

The Cool White CCT is rated 150LM in terms of luminance, coupled with a diffuser dome which produces an omnidirectional light source promoting the even spread of light, generates more than enough light to illuminate a large bivvy.

With an IP rating of IP65 the Luxx is water resistant and will hold up in the rain, meaning if you need to illuminate the bankside whilst your playing a fish, you can attach a second light to a nearby tree with the convenient carabiner clip provided.

The light produced from the Luxx can be adjusted, with a choice of 7 colour variations; white, red, green, blue, red + blue, red + green and green + blue, meaning there is an optimal light setting for every eventuality.

With a built in Lithium ION battery, the Powapacs Luxx is easily and quickly recharged via USB meaning you won’t need to muddle around in the dark searching for batteries anymore.

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