Premier Floats Pike Bob

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Key Features

  • Very popular pike float
  • Ideal for dropping your bait into a likely swim
  • Centre tube allows the float to slide if required
  • Available in sizes: 1, 2 &3
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131 Size: 1, Length: 55mm
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132 Size: 2, Length: 60mm
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133 Size: 3, Length: 70mm
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Premier Floats Pike Bob, If you want a highly effective way to fish for pike then you need to invest in a bob float. The Premier Floats Pike Bob has been designed to allow you to drop your bait into a swim that you perhaps haven’t explored before but you think has the potential to be rewarding. Its squat shape makes it incredibly stable on the water and it is ideal for use on calm and choppy waters alike. The float has also been fitted with a central tube that runs through its middle. This makes it perfect for use as a sliding float – simply rig up as normal and add a stop knot or bead on your line at your desired length. The Premier Floats Pike Bob has been finished with a green stain on its base. This makes it perfect for use on a variety of waters as its colouring lends itself to blending in against weeds, reeds, and other potential features that you might be looking to target. The float is available in three sizes, so no matter how large your bait is or what size of pike you’re targeting you’ll always be able to find a pike bob that suits your needs. The smallest size, size one, is ideal for use with smaller dead baits and for targeting smaller pike and other predators. The largest size, size three, on the other hand, is ideal for the angler seeking large pike with weighty dead or live baits. Premier Floats has been making incredible terminal tackle for pike fishing since 2000. However, the company actually began life some 50 years ago when founder Ray Sladden began manufacturing his own floats for pike and predator fishing. The company continues to grow from strength to strength and it is currently the go to brand for the British pike angler looking for British manufactured floats.

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